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How visitor management has evolved in today's more connected world

How visitor management has evolved in today's more connected world

Checking in visitors and providing an environment that makes them feel comfortable and welcome are an important part of any company’s operations. That’s where users can rely on today’s visitor management systems, which have income more advanced and integrated, especially in an increasingly connected world.

For a long time, visitor management has been nothing more than pen and paper, with guests signing their names manually on paper logs, a method that was inconvenient and unsafe. The visitor’s name can be illegible or fake. The information on the paper log that is supposed to be confidential is left open to the public. And once something happens there’s no way to track exactly where the visitor is in the building. As a result, companies are transitioning to electronic visitor management systems.

“Many business processes are moving from paper and manual systems to digitalized ones since they are faster, more convenient and can better utilize data. Visitor management solutions are part of this trend,” said Chloe Leiper, Marketing & Communications Manager, ICD Security Solutions. “End users are becoming more and more open to adopting visitor management solutions since they automate processes and provide a higher level of security than a manual process.”

Indeed, a computerized visitor management system delivers a greater user experience for both the company and visitor alike. The visitor can pre-register and get a badge either at the front desk or at a self heck-in kiosk in the lobby. The badge is time sensitive so once the visiting time expires it’s no longer usable. The system can also be integrated with certain blacklists or unwanted lists so unwelcomed people or those with previous criminal records can be recognized instantly.

In addition, modern visitor management systems can also track visitors and inform them in the event of emergency. “RFID is often applied to access badges issued to visitors to enable visitor tracking in real-time across an end user’s facility. There are also others solutions available via customized software,” Leiper said. “From an advanced solutions standpoint, visitors can be automatically notified via SMS, automated call or email in the event of an emergency since the software already has each visitor’s contact information from registration.”

With the emergence of IoT where everything is converged over the Internet, this also holds true for visitor management solutions, which are more and more integrated with other systems, for example access control, to enhance safety as well as further operational efficiency. “Our visitor management software collects and stores visitor data which can be analyzed by date, time period or location to demonstrate trends and patterns in visitors. This in turn can assist the end user better understand visitor flow and therefore optimize their visitor management,” she said. “It is very likely there will be a convergence of the IoT and visitor management. As visitor management becomes a digitalized process with increased integration and more data collected, there is greater potential for processed and devices within visitor management to be connected with other devices and processes via the IoT. Examples include electronic visitor verification via mobile phones or other devises and real-time visitor location via RFID on visitor badges.”

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Dellin
    2019/03/03 10:52
  • These products have come a long way since this article was written. There are many more factors and features to consider ( We just rolled out a visitor management system worldwide. It is amazing how much can be done with minimal hardware and very low software costs. If you are holding out you should look into this tech again.