Sony brings 4K video security solution to Harton Technology College

Sony brings 4K video security solution to Harton Technology College
Since 1936, Harton Technology College (Harton) in South Shields, Tyne and Wear has set precedence for excellence in education. Now, the school has become the first education institution in the world to be equipped with Sony’s 4K surveillance system with the recent addition of two 4K video security cameras to its existing network.

When looking to upgrade its existing security technology, Harton made it clear that optimum image quality was a top priority in order to ensure the most effective monitoring of key areas of its compound. With a busy main gate carrying students, staff, parents and visitors through it every day, it was crucial that the solution was capable of capturing the minute details in order to provide maximum safety and security. The installation was a leap forward for the school, which already has an extensive network of around 100 cameras.

Educational environments require a sturdy security solution which offers broad coverage and the best image quality without intruding on teachers and students. The school also required a security system which could be integrated into its existing network and capture two specific wide points of interest: the entrance gate and the school field. The solution had to deliver all the benefits of 4K technology, particularly high image resolution, without adding strain onto the existing video network.

Sony’s solution
Sony’s 4K security cameras were the perfect choice that answered the requirement of covering a wide field of view whilst equipped with the ability to zoom in to areas of interest within the scene.

“When we were looking to upgrade our security technology, we wanted a top of the range solution which made staff, students and parents feel secured,” Sir Ken Gibson, Executive Head at Harton, explained. “We’ve been using Sony’s cameras since 2003 and Universal Systems Solutions (USS) recommended Sony to navigate our move to 4K. The easy installation meant minimal downtime for our system as the new cameras were installed quickly with minimal disruption. Since the installation, we are very impressed with the enhanced image quality and wider scene capture. Our students feel safe and secured while parents have peace of mind, which is of paramount importance to us.”

A fully integrated, easy-to-manage system delivers comprehensive security at Harton. Higher-resolution imaging has traditionally come at the cost of low-light sensitivity but with the new 1.0 type 20MP Exmor R sensor in Sony’s camera, high resolution recordings are achieved regardless of lighting levels, even in low light situations and complete darkness using the in-built IR illuminator. The transition to 4K in key areas has created a streamlined security solution at the school, with swift and easy identification.

Why Sony was selected
Harton tasked USS to deliver the quality security solution it needed. Thanks to its depth of expertise and strong partnership with Sony, USS was able to fulfill the requirements by implementing a reliable system with the existing Sony models, providing 4K image coverage in the required areas at a low bandwidth. USS was impressed with the Sony camera’s hassle-free fitting and ease of installation, including the SNC-Toolbox Mobile App. The system not only secures the school and its students, but also protects the investment by delivering quality 4K video security at a competitive and affordable price.

“Having worked with Sony for many years, we remain impressed by the breadth and quality of its video security solutions which meet the high standards of our customers,” said Kevin Bruce, Director at USS. “The combination of the 4K camera’s lower bandwidth, night-time viewing and back light compensation made it the ideal option for Harton Technology College. Sony’s technology has been core to delivering against the brief and migrating to the latest future-proofed surveillance systems for this and other installations.”

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