Sony video security solutions used by Australian logistics company

Sony video security solutions used by Australian logistics company
The new Toll Bungarribee, Sydney site enlisted Sony Video Security Solutions to provide video security cameras which would assist in traditional security measures such as the reduction of theft and break-ins, and could be integrated into tracking, sortation control and operational management efficiencies.

Toll Global Express (TGX) is a division of Toll Group, the largest regional transport and logistics network in Australia. TGX's principle activities include domestic and international freight and distribution, freight forwarding by rail, road, sea and air, warehousing, storage and distribution, end-to-end supply chain management and business logistics solutions. The new facilities at Bungarribee in Sydney and Tullamarine in Melbourne are two of the largest express freight depots in Australia.

TGX carries large amounts of high value product, which requires appropriate levels of security.

Sony Solution
There are more than 470 cameras installed at Bungarribee that supports the entire site under video surveillance. TGX required many different types of camera models which were fit for purpose. Wide dynamic range cameras were used for all areas where the field of views incorporated potential flare from external light sources. Minidomes were used in reception and offices areas as they have a wide angle lens and their discreet size is more aesthetically pleasing in an office environment. Rapid dome cameras were used externally and internally in areas were camera targeting was required and at gates to capture vehicle number plates. In the sortation zones, there is one camera per three chutes and a dedicated camera at each scanning point.

The aim for TGX was to create a system which was fully integrated into the intelligent security, alarm/access control, freight sortation, and video security systems. This would allow TGX to use the security cameras for additional functions to traditional surveillance.

The security cameras are used as tools for loss prevention, both as pro-active deterrents and for reactive investigations.

TGX uses the surveillance system to aid in operational efficiency. Sortation system controllers use it to assist with monitoring the belt system by visually identifying any cause of system errors and blockages. It also gives management the ability to assess how operations are managing the work flow.

The integration of the freight sortation system with the surveillance system provides the ability to identify each individual item of freight by its address barcode, and from each scanning point video track the freight as it is processed and sorted. This assists TGX with investigating shrinkage and identifying the point of breakdown. For example, TGX can determine which employee last scanned the missing item or whether the item reached the correct truck.

TGX uses the system to supplement safety processes on site. The system has the capability to identify potential safety issues across the 187,000m² area resulting in more immediate and informed responses to site hazards.

Why Sony Was Selected
The Sony cameras were required to handle varying lighting conditions. TGX Security controls the lighting and required security cameras which could handle quick-start lights and lights turning on and off as required. Generation 6 cameras have dynamic light response, which combines the Exmor sensor technology with the IPELA Engine processing platform, accommodating rapid shifts in lighting conditions and optimizes the image in response to the scene. This delivers excellent performance in bright conditions and maintains clear images in low light or even in complete darkness. Cameras can achieve up to a minimum illumination of 0.05 lux in colour and 0 lux in black and white, without resolution decrease to VGA, capturing incidents in low light conditions.

Sony's wide dynamic range was an important element for TGX in their camera selection. The cameras employ Sony's View-DR, a technology which uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images at different exposures and combined in real time to produce each wide-dynamic video frame. The various cameras can achieve a high of 90 dB or 130 dB to provide excellent visibility in high-contrast scenes.

The installation process was made easier through the remote auto-focus capability, called Easy Focus, which alleviated the need to go through the timely process of focusing each individual camera at the fit-out location. The Easy Focus can also be synced to Day/Night mode, which continues to maintain focus even under low light conditions.

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