Seagate on how to choose an HDD and customer feedback on SRS

Seagate on how to choose an HDD and customer feedback on SRS

Seagate Technology, the leading storage solutions provider, launched a clinic consultation service at Secutech 2016 to demonstrate to its customers the importance of using the right drive for the right environment, and gave recommendations based on their requirements.

How to choose the right surveillance hard drive

In order to choose the right hard drive for a video surveillance system, it is important to first understand the main purpose of using video surveillance systems, and identify the pain points of the operators.

Rex Dong, Senior Director for Asia OEM Sales at Seagate Technology further explained:

“First understand the workload of a security system, so you can determine the performance the system requires from the drive. Will the system be used for fast video analytics, like facial recognition, or will it more simply be used to record contents and play it back only when an incident needs reviewing? If it is, then these factors are important to understand the level of performance you’ll expect from the drive.

"Next consider what implications this workload will have on your system design. All surveillance applications expect support 24×7, but how does this affect your storage requirements? Through Secutech and our clinic consultation, we are able to help the systems integrators and customers to solve their problems and meet their needs for surveillance storage solutions.”

Systems integrator’s Feedbacks on SRS

Another major problem that systems integrators might have with their current storage system is the unexpectedly data lost. Seagate, therefore, introduced the Seagate Rescue Services (SRS) to their customers. Dong said: “The storage and access to data are critical for any organization. Seagate’s Surveillance HDDs allow customers and SIs to optimize their drive reliability in a DVR or NVR environment. Adding the Seagate Rescue services (SRS) helps to protect the data against the unexpected situations such as vandalism, virus or unintentional deletion, and also serves as incremental support to help SIs better optimize their resources in the field.”

The company then shared one of its customer’s story that tells how SRS helps recover lost data. It is said that two men broke into a jewelry store in China, stole US$200,000 worth of jewelry, and destroyed the store’s surveillance camera and DVR. After numerous failed attempts by the data recovery agency, the Chinese police contacted Seagate. Its SRS team successfully repaired the damaged DVR that allowed police access to the surveillance footage to identify the suspects.

Dong said, “Today, we continue to improve the customer experience for data recovery so people feel informed and up-to-date on the progress of their recovery through email updates. The customers can also track and monitor their recovery status from Seagate’s website. From the service hotline, case submission website to the drop-off point, etc., we’re committed to providing customers a smooth and hassle-free data recovery process.”

About Seagate Surveillance HDD 8TB

At Secutech 2016, Seagate also showcased its complete 8TB HDD portfolio, which includes the Surveillance HDD 8TB. The Surveillance HDD 8TB is tailor-made to keep surveillance systems in the field longer and reduce post-deployment support. With HD and 4K resolution becoming commonplace, and the demand for video analytics systems also on the rise, Seagate’s Surveillance HDD products are able to manage these extreme workloads with ease. It is capable of supporting a 180TB/year workload, three times that of a standard desktop drive. It includes surveillance-optimized firmware to support up to 64 cameras and is one of the very few products in the industry that can support a range of surveillance solutions, from single-bay DVRs to large multi-bay NVR systems.

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