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City of Santo Domingo sets Milestone example of safety and security for attracting business

City of Santo Domingo sets Milestone example of safety and security for attracting business

The Chilean municipality of Santo Domingo serves as an example of how a regional, comprehensive video surveillance system can help reduce crime, attract business, and provide security for local citize...
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  • Panomera system supports Essen police in its mission to protect the public
    After Cologne, now Essen, the major conurbation in the Ruhr Region has also decided to use the patented Panomera technology to support its police force in the pursuit of their mission to protect.
  • NEC facial recognition adopted by major cities across Georgia
    NEC announced that it has provided an advanced surveillance system for cities utilizing facial recognition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, in cooperation with Capital Systems, a leading system developer.
  • Axis IP network cameras make Almere ready for the future
    Almere wanted an integrated solution to monitor incidents and irregularities in the city center and in traffic, with the added option of using this video for law enforcement purposes.
  • Deterring misconduct in the city with Axis
    The City of Haverhill had an outdated camera system made up of products from various manufacturers, none of which were providing the Police Department with usable images or consistent coverage without issue.
  • Northern Virginia: Relaying Big Data in the tech corridor with Fluidmesh
    Transportation infrastructure can be problematic for a variety of reasons; road maintenance, including the integrity of structures such as bridges, roads and tunnels is an ongoing commitment and most importantly a challenge
  • U.S. police improves underage drinking prevention with Intellicheck's Age ID
    The police department of one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. has equipped its Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) officers with Intellicheck's Age ID to enhance the enforcement of laws and regulations that prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages and other age restricted products, such as tobac...
  • ISS helps with La Ceja safe city project
    In April 2017, The Municipal administration delivered a complete video surveillance and electronic security system, unique in Colombia for its design, equipment and implementation characteristics. A project was developed with the seal of Segurtronic LTDA.
  • ISS helps with Porto Novo safe city
    ISS was chosen for this project because they have a proven history of success in the transport sector. ISS has both the capacity and flexibility to meet the needs of urban mobility while guaranteeing a technological evolution within the sector.
  • Goyang enhances safety with surveillance implementation by Milestone
    Milestone Systems has successfully completed a seamless 24/7 security surveillance solution for Goyang City in South Korea.
  • PureTech's PureActiv deployed on Southern US border
    The recent designation by the U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) granted “Full Operating Capability” of General Dynamics’ Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) deployed for protection across the southern border of the United States.