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Key Specifications

FlexZone detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.

Key features

* Detect and locate perimeter intrusions over a distance of up to 600 m (1,968 ft.) per sensor processor

* Locate intrusions with ±3 m (±10 ft.) accuracy

* Locate multiple intrusions simultaneously, with a resolution of 15 m (49.2 ft.)

* Support for up to 20 distinct zones per processor

* Power and data over sensor cables simplifies infrastructure requirements

* High Probability of detection (Pd)

* Low Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR)

* Sensor cables are easily installed on a variety of fence types

* Integrated Silver Network? provides redundant communication paths to each processor

Senstar FlexZone fence-mounted sensor
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