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Instek Digital Video Reclaim

In traditional video surveillance environment - users tend to store video-data centralized using a recording server. However the downsides are system overload or network failure. To prevent video recording loss - Edge Recording is the solution. Edge Recording stores video-data in the on board storage of the camera. Recording continuous even when the network is down or the video recorder fails.
The disadvantage of Edge Recording is having incomplete video surveillance data. Since the centralized recording server - misses the video that is recorded by the camera.
Instek Digital Video Reclaim technology automatically retrieves the recorded video-data from the camera and place it back-completing the entire length of video data.
At this moment Instek Digital supports three camera brands for Video Reclaim - these are Vivotek, Dynacolor and Brickcom. Vivotek supports stream-based reclaim and Dynacolor and Brickcom both support file-based reclaim.
Vivotek also supports two different kind of events; storage fail and storage capacity. The first event is triggered in case the SD-card is not correctly connected to the IP-camera or SC IO-write error occurs on performing edge-recording. The second event is triggered if the SD-card on the IP-camera reaches over 90% storage capacity. Both events can be linked to an alarm and receive an alert e-mail.
Instek Digital Video Reclaim is the best of traditional centralized video recording and Edge Recording.


• Never encounter video-data loss
• Reduces or eliminates the need for a central video recorder
• Enables recording of video-data higher quality
• No human intervention required for reclaiming video from the camera
• SD recycling supported
• Daylight Saving Time supported
• Vivotek supports stream-based reclaim
• Dynacolor and Brickcom support file-based reclaim
• Auto-detects network and recorder failure
• NVR automatically reclaims video-data from the camera
• File-based or stream-based reclaim mechanism depending on camera brand
• Events trigger: storage fail and storage capacity (only Vivotek)
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