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Key Specifications
Instek Digital Global Administrator (GA)
Instek Digital Global Administrator (GA) is a sophisticated solution for globally large-scale security installations that need centralized user, device and alarm management. It allows centralized management of all connected cameras, devices, storage and users. With Instek Digital GA - large-scale video surveillance systems can easily be managed economically and without losing overview. The entire video surveillance system can be managed as one or as individual parts. The administrator can grant rights to users and administrators - according to their authorities. For example; administrators can have access to all the servers and cameras - while users can only allow access to limit server and/or cameras.
With this solution a project can be scaled to any magnitude and seamlessly connect multiple independent project sites into one virtual system.
Instek Digital GA is a comprehensive solution for centralized viewing and management large-scale sites. With GA's web interface cameras from the entire project site, no matter the location, can be viewed centrally. Users can be managed and permissions granted and devices can be configured. In addition the health status from each device from every project sites can be monitored. Users can see whether if a device is online or offline, CPU and memory consumption, software version and license status. Moreover, Instek Digital GA also gives detailed information about its website, web API, and engine version. Also license information can be found and license can be registered.
Instek Digital Global Administrator is a complete centralized video surveillance manager that brings the entire world to one location.

• Centralized account login / logout
• Define user roles and detail behaviors
• Centralized device health monitoring (online / offline)
• Centralized permissions for device access and features
• Supports cache mechanism for maximum availability
• Supports multi-layer architecture for maximum availability
• Distributed architecture and TCP/IP protocol for all environments
• Synchronization to Microsoft Active Directory
• Auto device discovery ( GA / (h)DVR / NVR / Command Center)
• Manually add devices ( GA, (h)DVR / NVR / Command Center / Metadata Server
• Self-status report to GA-Device-Status-Log
• Support for failover monitoring and log
• Support for redundant GA servers
• Manage up to 10,000 users and supports up to 500 users online concurrently
• Supports 20,000 cameras per GA server
• Supports 2,000,000 log records per GA server
• GA Failover support
Instek Digital Global Administrator (GA)
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