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  • Country: Italy
  • City: Reschigliano di Campodarsego
  • Address: Via Pontarola, 70-35011 Campodarsego, Italy
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Key Specifications
All the intrusion detection systems act with two purposes: as a theft deterrent and to alert the police forces to intervene as soon as possible. Often more than 10 minutes are required for the arrival of the security personnel, when the theft deterrent function is totally disattended.

EL.MO. solution is NEBULA, a security fog system that in few seconds saturates the environment with misted monopropylene glycol which, given its high density and its light-reflecting effect, prevents visibility even from a few centimetres.

NEBULA releases a dry mist composed by a mixture of water and glycol, which is completely harmless for people and animals, that remains in the area for over 60 minutes and can be set for repeated release, extending NEBULA effects. In fact, EL.MO. fog systems works in large-scale areas, even over 5000 cubic meters, saturating the area in less than 30 seconds and preventing criminals to find objects, open safes or vaults. NEBULA force burglars to seek immediate escape without stealing anything, or unable to leave and wait for the law enforcement.

- NEBULA is embedded in all EL.MO. intrusion detection systems.

- NEBULA saturated environment in less than 30 second.

- NEBULA emits a dry fog composed with a mixture of water and glycol totally harmless for people and animals.

- The fog in the local persists for more than 60 minutes but NEBULA can be programmed for repeated releases prolonging the effect.

- The fog is dispersed in about 20 minutes of ventilation in the room without leaving any trace on any equipment or other objects.

- NEBULA also acts in large environments over 500 cubic meters.

- NEBULA has extremely reduced management costs.

- Available versions with ULTRABUS connection.

Advantages of ULTRABUS connection:

- Configuration via software.

- Remote control of board, battery and tank level.

- Event log.

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NEBULA Security fog system
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