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Key Specifications
EonStor FF-R/S2021-4/6 (Fibre to Fibre RAID Head, 1U)

1. End-to-end I/O performance

> Sustained RAID5 Read/Write: 740/502 (MB/sec)

2. Full-featured single- or dual-controller architecture

3. Choice of eight (8) or twelve (12) 2Gps Fibre SFP ports

4. Highest redundancy level with separate I/O boards

5. RAID controller supports up to 2GB DDR RAM DIMM module

6. Support for up to 224 drives by cascading up to fourteen (14) JBOD enclosures

7. Hot-swappable battery backup units (BBUs)

EonStor FF-R/S2021-4/6 Fibre to Fibre RAID Head, 1U Matrix
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