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EtherNav D7600 Series Managed Ethernet Switches

EtherNav D7600 Series Managed Ethernet Switches

  • Supplier: IFS
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2006/04/07
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Product Specifications
  • EtherNav D7600 Series Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches segment Ethernet-network traffic to enhance performance and provide better bandwidth allocation. It is essential when local area networks (LAN) are handling multiple devices such as cameras and DVRs. A managed switch allows virtual local-area networks or VLANS to be created so networks can to be created using software rather than hardware. The IFS EtherNav line consists of 12 models that have nine individual ports that can be configured from strictly electrical ports to various combinations of electrical, multimode-fiber or single-mode-fiber ports.

    An interesting feature of the EtherNav line is inclusion of a Gigabit electrical or optical port in some models. As more and more devices are being integrated onto these Ethernet networks, bandwidth becomes an issue. Gigabit Ethernet (one gigabit per second) provides significant increase in bandwidth over older Fast Ethernet, allowing devices with EtherNav switches to be easily integrated into larger networks.

    The EtherNav Managed Ethernet Switch has several mechanisms to monitor, configure and manage VLANs. A console interface using a standard RS-232 interface allows for local network control from standard PCs. Alternatively, a Web-based graphical user interface or GUI allows for remote configuration control from anywhere on Ethernet-based networks.