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Hikvision Helps French Insurer Insure Themselves
Source: Hikvision
Thematically, Generali – one of France’s largest insurance companies – recently moved one of their division into one of Levallois-Perret’s most beautiful and iconic buildings. But before Generali became the new tenant, they required their new real estate – named Espace Seine – to undergo a significant amount of renovations.

However, unlike most renovations, the goal was not simply to turn old into new; the Espace Seine was originally opened in 2000. Instead, it was part of Generali’s approach to both interior decoration and landscaping, but also to become more environmentally and energy efficient.

The final element of this renovation was security. For this, Generali turned to NOVADIS, Hikvision’s Client within France. “This is still a new building, but Generali made a substantial investment in this building. The final element they needed was a security system to match, and protect, their new office building,” explained Nicolas Jdanoff, sales manager at NOVADIS.

Quality Packaged Together

On this solution, NOVADIS cooperated with PHIBOR, the project’s installer to design the particular solution that would ultimately be used. However, NOVADIS first needed to actually win this contract.

“The client required a high-end solution. However, it was not as if money was no object. As is usually the case, the quality/price comparison was extremely important,” remarked Mr. Jdanoff. As such, NOVADIS devised a solution that featured Hikvision projects, piggybacked by the Ocularis VMS platform. “Our demo, featuring Hikvision’s reputation for quality and technological innovation, along with the Ocularis platform, really sold this proposal to the installer,” said Mr. Jdanoff.

Hikvision Versatility

With VMS and Hikvision in hand, NOVADIS needed to choose which Hikvision camera models would be best for this specific project. Mr. Jdanoff noted, “Since this facility is used to conduct important affairs, the client required surveillance at the entrances and exits, the escalators, the office hallways, as well as a few other locations in the building.”

To accomplish the goal, Hikvision’s DS-2CD793PF-E 4CIF Vandal-Proof Network Dome Camera and DS-2CD893PF-E 4CIF IP Network Box Camera were selected. As an insurance provider, with claims potentially affecting huge sums of money, both camera units’ 4CIF resolution in real-time video allow security personal the tools for always-clear imagery. Immediately, what specific individuals are there, and what they are doing, is literally – and immediately – apparent.

Placed more prominently throughout Espace Seine, the DS-2CD793PF-E dome provides both a less obviousfootmark , as well as vandal-tampering insurance against manipulation of camera units. On the other hand, the DS-2CD893PF-E’s box camera design provides an obvious visual deterrent; and two-way auto gives another tool to proactively deal with potentially unwanted situations. Regardless of technical differences, and echoing Generali’s commitment to renovation efficiency, both models’ H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG video compression provide the tools to efficiently store their video for as long as needed.

Mr. Jdanoff explained that “the range of Hikvision products is so large that it allows us to meet project specifications without mixing different brands.” In the case of Generali and their new Espace Seine facility, Hikvision versatility and NOVADIS’ commitment to integrated solutions helped Generali increase security and efficiency, while reducing costs for this client.
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