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Source: Hikvision International Marketing Department
October 13, 2011 Hikvision has released a 16-channel network DVR, the DS-9116HFI-ST, based on Texas Instruments’ new Netra? embedded platform which allows enhanced system stability, improved video quality and more flexible HDD management than the previous DaVinci? platform and DVRs based on it.

An innovative feature of the DS-9116HFI-ST is the ‘hot-standby’ redundancy design, with a primary system in operation and another providing constant backup. If the main system crashes, the back-up system is activated immediately, so ensuring that no data is lost and the DVR continues to function in a stable manner. The user does not notice any operational problems and the switch-over to the secondary system is instantaneous.

Apart from the redundant system, the DS-9116HFI-ST offers simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs at 1080p resolution, and the unit also allows 16-ch simultaneous playback in real time at 4CIF resolution. Picture quality is enhanced through 3D digital noise reduction which allows intelligent discrimination between meaningful image data and extraneous ghost content across many types of scene while still preserving fine detail.

Another benefit of this network DVR is HDD quota management whereby different capacities can be assigned to different channels, with the system administrator being able to control an individual channel’s HDD allocation. Up to eight SATA hard disks plus one eSATA disk can be connected, each unit having a maximum of 4TB storage.

Other features including dual-stream, two self-adaptive 10M/100M/1000M network interfaces and more are also supported. Numbers of device connections and archiving speed to removable media such as USB drives have also been increased from previous models, with device connections up to 128 and USB devices operating at improved speeds of up to 15MB/s.

All of these features make the DS-9116HFI-ST ideal solution for surveillance applications such as financial institutions, telecom industry, transportation, as well as utilities industries and others.

The 16-channel DS-9116HFI-ST is the largest unit in the DS-9100HFI-ST series. There are also are 8 and 4-channel versions, the DS-9108HFI-ST and DS-9104HFI-ST respectively. Mr Polo Cai, Vice President of Hikvision, said: “In developing the DS-9100HFI-ST series, Hikvision has given users redundancy they can trust in mission-critical environments and empowered them with sophisticated features such as channel-specific HDD quota management. In doing so, we have distinguished ourselves further from competitors to better accommodate users’ needs.”
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