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Hikvision Unveils New Entry-level Standalone DVR Series
Source: Hikvision
Hikvision, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, recently released a new standalone DVR series – the DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH. This product is specifically designed to cater towards the entry-level security market by using a high-definition video output, a friendly user interface, and multi-channel real-time monitoring. Offered in an attractive price range, this DVR series is the perfect recording solution for smaller-scale applications, such as homes, offices, or for retail purposes.

Compared with Hikvision’s DS-7200HFI/HVI-ST(/SN/SE) series of standalone DVRs, the new DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH series supports VGA and HDMI outputs simultaneously, with up to 1920x1080 resolution. This provides users a versatile solution for real-time video viewing, and also allows them the experience of a cost-effective, but high-quality method to secure their businesses.

The DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH features high-quality 4CIF recording in real time across its up-to 16 channels. It even allows up to 128-channel streaming of remote live viewing (within 60M bandwidth), allowing users to access their videos anytime and anywhere over the internet. This DVR further supports alarm functionality with motion and tampering detection. When critical events (such as theft) occur within owners’ premises, this DVR’s alarm event recording is triggered, generating instant notification via E-mail to allow owners the ability to take whatever proactive response they deem necessary.

This DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH DVR series also incorporates a highly intuitive user interface with friendly apps and widgets. One time-saving feature is the customization of tags in the operation interface for video information, which allows users further control over their systems to locate key events. Other features include 2 SATA hard disks with a capacity of up to 4TB each, and dual streaming with the sub stream allowing remote preview and mobile phone monitoring via limited bandwidth. HDD quota management is also supported to optimize the capacity assignment to different channels and minimize video storage requirements.

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