H.264 16-CH Full D1 Recording Digital Video Recorder

Source: | Date: 02/22/2010
Product Name:SYC-8816
H.264 16-CH Full D1 Recording Digital Video Recorder
Function & Features
H.264 compression,support SATA HardDisk, Mouse ,seperate access,with VGA,USB;
Network,RS485 PTZ controll,IE browse,support DVD/CD backup;
Host processor MPC8313;
To achieve recording, playback, network transmission full D1 resolution;
Supports 16CH D1 real-time video and network-wide transmission;
1CH D1 yback,and 16CIF sub-stream;
Using the most powerful encoding chips to achieve single-chip 8-channel D1 real-time encoding;
Graphical user interface, support for USB mouse,panel,remote control;
Support for 8 SATA drives;
Support various PTZ control protocol;
Support for embedded web access, support for HTTP/SMTP/FTP/DDNS/DHCP/PPPOE, support for NAT across; Web browser,CMS for monitoring;
Provide a sound secondary development package to meet customer demand for custom-oriented