4 CH H.264 Vehicle Digital Video Recorder

Source: | Date: 02/22/2010
Product Name:SYC-9004
4 CH H.264 Vehicle Digital Video Recorder

Advantage :
Low cost(competitive price for market)
1-GPS, 2-WIFI, built-in into DVR
Specially designed for Vehicle
Stability overrides all other considerations
Quake proof
SD card (solid-state)storage medium:
SD card has not the mechanical movement part;
Welds closely;
The data read-write is convenient;
Very suit the Vehicle and motion change very much and vibration big demand application;
super reliability;
Recorded onto removable SD card;
Up to 32GB recording capacity;
Embedded Linux:No PC,no operating system,super system reliability ;
Wide operating temperature range;
Extremely compact design;
With lock design:prevent the artificial sabotage