VIGITRON Announces a line of UTP Transmission Solutions with Automatic Video Compensation (AVC)

Source: Alessandra Rocha | Date: 12/01/2008
New UTP Video-Power-Data Transmission Devices
The new Vi6200 and Vi6300 series of active receiver Hubs with Automatic Video Compensation (AVC) are capable of transmitting and receiving video images over UTP cable through mid range (1,200 Metres) to long range (2,000 Metres) at a price that is affordable for installers and end-users.

Integrators can fit a Vi6300VT active transmitter at the camera in the knowledge that a Vi6200 series hub in the site control room will automatically compensate for video loss up to 1,200 Metres. Similarly, the Vi6300 series provides excellent image quality up to 2,000 Metres. The receivers do not require any adjustment to achieve excellent video quality.

The new Vigitron models fit in a standard 19-inch rack and are supplied with rack mounting kits and a full set of interconnecting cables. Integrators and distributors will appreciate that the equipment is uniquely designed for the PAL video standard and is fully compatible with other worldwide video standards NTSC and SECAM.

The units' immunity to noisy crosstalk and interference (70 dB) is among the best in the industry and there is built-in ground loop isolation to remove damaging hum bars and distorting ground loops. Engineers will also benefit from compatibility with qualified UTP built-in cameras, any passive transmitters and the smallest video transmitter in the world, the Vi1003M.

There are video-present diagnostic LED indicators for each channel and the connectivity options (screw terminal or RJ-45 connector) complement Vigitron's extensive line of video-power-data transmission equipment.