VIGITRON innovates in the digital security arena with MaxiiCopper IP Extenders over Coax and UTP

Source: Alessandra Rocha | Date: 03/08/2010
Vigitron introduces the new MaxiiCopper IP Extender line. These revolutionary transmission devices extend High-Speed Ethernet over long distances of existing UTP and coax infrastructures. Model Vi2301 is designed for UTP applications while Vi2401 extends digital signals over coaxial cables.

MaxiiCopper IP Extenders establish a full-duplex, full-rate Ethernet connection up to 5,500 feet (1,680m) at 10Base-T or 2,100 feet (640m) at 100Base-T. They are completely transparent to the corporate networks and do not need any IP programming. These extenders are excellent for high network bandwidth requirements of Mega-pixel cameras or multiple IP cameras.

MaxiiCopper IP Extenders provide simple and cost-effective migration paths from existing analogue CCTV systems over UTP or coaxial cables to digital Ethernet networks for a wide range of security and IT applications. They are low power, compact in size and can easily fit inside most camera housings.

Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of innovative transmission solutions for the global security and IT market. Our products enable you to use your copper infrastructure for either analogue or IP CCTV systems at extended distances. We are committed to employing state of the art technology to offer the best products at exceptional value, accompanied by excellent customer service. We bring you the future now.

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