Axway and MaxID Provide US Government Bodies with Mobile ID Verification Device

Organizations and government bodies can now turn to Axway and MaxID to provide a single tool for identity verification via a handheld mobile device. Deployment of the joint offering allows organizations to verify the credentials of individuals in certain areas and facilities, to protect national security and critical assets. Use of the device also ensures compliance with a variety of US Federal mandates, such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card.

To protect national security, the federal government has taken measures to prohibit unauthorized access to sensitive areas and facilities, such as government property and data in government IT systems. Signed by President Bush in 2004, HSPD-12 calls for the rollout of a personal identification verification (PIV) card system to be issued to employees and employees of Federal contractors for access to government facilities and networks. Similarly, the TWIC program is focused on credentialing transportation workers to improve the security of the nation's ports, vessels, outer continental shelf facilities and merchant mariners.

“Barring unauthorized individuals from sensitive areas is essential, but more difficult to rollout than one might imagine. In addition, more intelligent credentialing involving biometrics is also under discussion in Washington, D.C., making the landscape even harder to navigate,” said Taher Elgamal, CSO for Axway. “With this as backdrop, government entities and organizations interacting with the government must come up with a secure and reliable method to determine if an individual is authorized to be in a particular area. This partnership meets that need and leverages both organizations' deep expertise in identity verification in a government environment.”

The offering combines both hardware and software to deliver identity verification on-the-go. The solution incorporates Axway's validation authority suite of products, which authorize the validation status of digital certificates, with MaxID's handheld mobile computer. The result is a single Wi-Fi-enabled tool that is capable of reading TWIC and PIV cards to process and validate credentials.

“When you're out in the field, you need to have real-time access to processing capabilities so you can ascertain an individual's identity and clearance to access a secure area,” said Brian Skiba, President of at MaxID, U.S. “Through this partnership with Axway, we're able to offer a single tool that has a wide range of applications in both military and civilian settings.”

Axway validation authority suite protects mission-critical infrastructures by ensuring that revoked or invalid credentials cannot be used for secure e-mail, smart card login, network access or other sensitive electronic transactions. The validation authority suite is a comprehensive, scalable and reliable framework deployed by millions of customers worldwide to provide digital certificate validation on a wide range of platforms in diverse operating environments. Government agencies, including all four services of the US Department of Defense (DoD), have deployed Axway's solutions to provide digital certificate validation to its millions of users.

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