Mobotix Megapixel Cameras Take Care of British Independent School

Mobotix  a manufacturer of complete high-resolution IP video systems have released details of an installation of its surveillance solution at Bromsgrove School that has helped protect pupils, staff and property across a 100-acre site for more than seven years without fail. The project which was designed, implemented and maintained by NS Optimum includes 35 cameras delivering megapixel quality as part of a combined data, voice and video network.

With a history spanning more than 500 years, Bromsgrove is one of British finest independent schools attended by more than 1500 pupils from 35 countries. With a campus in the Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove, the school is often ranked by independent measure as one of the top five British coeducational boarding/day schools. In 2003, the school decided to improve its security measures in response to concerns over pupil and staff safety. Expansion of the existing small scale analog surveillance installation covering a few car park areas was deemed unacceptable due to poor quality and unreliability.

For expert advice, the school approached NS Optimum, an ICT solution provider who had implemented and managed its IT network for many years. Based on a striking demonstration of the capabilities of the Mobotix technology, the school agreed to deploy Mobotix megapixel cameras at key entrance points across the campus. “The initial deployment was successful and provided good coverage over critical areas,” said Scott Fisher, Network Manager for Bromsgrove School. “The Mobotix method of compressing and sending IP video allowed us to run surveillance without upgrading our network with no negative impacting on data or voice traffic.”

Over the subsequent seven years, the school has increased the coverage of the surveillance network to include its preparatory school, prepreparatory, nursery, boarding houses, all car parks and even some sports facilities. “We now have several Mobotix hemispheric cameras which give us complete 360-degree coverage of entire areas like the computer rooms and library while the ability to use internal camera memory means that we only archive footage at night to ensure that the data network is always fully available for students and staff,” Fisher said.

Over the last seven years, the Mobotix surveillance installation has suffered no mechanical faults. “We don't use any protective housing or heaters and all of the cameras have given us 100-percent reliability,” said Fisher. “The cameras are incredibly discreet and key staff around the campus can instantly access both live and archived footage from anywhere on the site with the proper security clearance.”

“We have had no major incidents across Bromsgrove, but the quality of the images and the lack of drain on the network or management overheads provide us with a perfect system for a healthy school environment,” Fisher added.

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