ioimage Video Analytics Put the Brakes on Theft for US Car Dealership

DVTel , a provider for the development and delivery of intelligent security solutions over IP networks, announced that the ioimage-powered Visentry monitoring solution has prevented at least two major thefts at a Honda dealership located in Paramus, New Jersey. Visentry Intelligent Security is also located in Paramus, New Jersey.

The solution is centrally monitored, an outdoor perimeter protection designed to detect in real time any intrusion of the perimeter of a car dealership, or any other commercial entity, to prevent theft and vandalism. The system combines video detection technology with expert remote monitoring at Visentry's central station manned by security personnel. Virtual Sentry utilizes DVTel ioimage products within the solution, and uses the DVTel intelligent Security Operation Center (iSOC) to manage overall surveillance video data. 

The Honda dealership is located on a busy highway in a very dense part of New Jersey and had been experiencing multiple thefts and acts of vandalism for some time. After contracting with Visentry, Virtual Sentry now starts up every day at closing to remotely monitor the extensive car lot areas. To automatically monitor the perimeter of the entire property, Visentry is using ioimage video analytics.

The system is designed to immediately alert monitoring staff in the event a person or vehicle enters the protected areas. "We have three acres containing nearly US$16 million in new car and used car inventory," said Barry Magnus, GM at DCH Paramus Honda.

On the evening of Nov. 29, 2009, the Virtual Sentry system detected suspicious vehicle activity in the dealership's storage lot. The Visentry agent on duty received real-time alerts and video from the system showing two individuals attempting to steal tires from new parked vehicles. Immediately, the Visentry agent used the system's outdoor loudspeaker to warn the thieves, and then quickly called the Paramus Police Department.

Upon the police officers' arrival, the Visentry agent was able to provide the exact location of the thieves to the police. As the officers moved in on the perpetrators, they were assisted by the agent who was viewing the unfolding events live and relaying crucial information to the officers on the ground through the Paramus Police dispatch. As a result of these timely joint efforts, the police were able to apprehend the intruders and prevent any damage or loss to the dealership. After the event, thieves again struck the dealership on Dec. 14, and again the video analytics capabilities and real-time monitoring were instrumental in thwarting this attempt.

As confirmed by the Paramus Police Department, it was video detection technology combined with remote monitoring resulted in the on-scene arrest of car burglars on two occasions at Paramus Honda. "Our officers were provided real-time information that not only alerted them to criminal activity at the dealership, but then aided them in locating thieves hiding within the large car storage lot," said Paramus Police Chief Richard Cary.

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