Energizing Japan's Security Industry

A&S Japan, launched in October 2007, aims to energize Japanese local players and users with high quality and insightful sources. As the worldˇs top security media company, what resources does A&S possess and what expectations should readers have for this new publication? Publisher Parson Lee shares his perspective on the market and his new launch.

Q: Japan is generally perceived as the toughest market in the world to penetrate by international companies. As a global security media outlet, how does A&S see this market and why did you decide to launch A&S Japan?

A: Actually, A&S is not new to Japan. Since our A&S International edition launched in 1997, we have been in touch with many Japanese makers, actively exhibiting in the Tokyo show for the past 10 years. Through these opportunities, I have visited Japan frequently and talked to the managers of leading brands to hear their perspectives on the market.

After years of observation in Japan, I understand the market is large and mature. Among Far East Asian markets, Japan is the most high-end and organized one. Although it is developed, enormous opportunities exist for the market, especially as it is now going through dramatic change.

Like all users internationally, Japanese users will need more intelligent and networked solutions to solve their various problems and perform total security management. Such requirements will drive changes in the security industry and market in Japan.

Industry-wise, due to the evolution of IP and networking, many subsystems and different technologies will be incorporated into a single security solution. IT, telecommunication and networking companies are included in these new solutions. And on the market side, as the demand for security rises, new brands from industries such as construction, corporate buildings and natural gas are also launching security solutions for their specialty At the March 2007 Tokyo Security Show, I saw many new providers from non-security industries such as Shell, Shimzu and Itoki. Although they worked with some of the leading Japanese brands to provide security solutions, this signals that a new market is opening. With this market, it affords enough room for newcomers.

At the threshold of development for Japanˇs security market, I decided to launch A&S Japan as the ninth magazine in the A&S portfolio. I believe now is the right time, because users and suppliers need to keep up with developing technologies, applications and markets, as security becomes more sophisticated and diversified.

Unfortunately, market information is not sufficiently transparent in Japan. Players and users cannot find good sources for market news, making it difficult to get a clear picture of the market.

The Japanese market needs a security magazine to energize itself by delivering useful and quality information. Taking our 16-year experience in the security industry, A&S has the ability to cater to this market need by providing a quality publication.

Q: What are the abilities of A&S? How do these abilities distinguish A&S from other media providers?

A: Since the start, A&S has been dedicated to the security industry. With A&S Japan , we now provide nine magazines, trilingual Web sites and organize Asiaˇs only international exhibition, SecuTech Expo. Our service lineup is dedicated to security and has been for 16 years.

As the years go by, we understand the security industry, we know whoˇs who and most importantly, we realize what the market wantsinformation for supplier and buyer needs.

We have a team of 40 editors at A&S. Every day, our editors contact players in various countries to get the latest updates on the security industry and their viewpoints on development. I believe this information is just as useful in Japan.

For example, in the A&S International and A&S China editions, reader can enjoy in-depth reports of applications and integration know-how. We have case stories on the Shanghai Metro, the Olympic Games, the London Underground and the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport. These valuable materials should be shared with the Japanese market.

International sources are the specialty of A&S. It is necessary for Japanese readers to increase their security know-how.

Q: International information certainly is important. But as Japan is a very distinguished and isolated market, how do you plan to run A&S Japan as a local media outlet that truly meets local needs and becomes influential eventually?

A: A&S started with A&S Taiwan, which is the only local security magazine in Taiwan. Furthermore, I entered mainland China in 1994. A&S China and A&S Installer are now the most influential media sources in China. They offer proof that A&S has experience and professionalism in running local media. Now I am taking this experience and professionalism to run A&S Japan.

Regardless if it is an international or local magazine, the content is always the key to decide the magazineˇs direction. For A&S Japan, the core question hinges on what quality information means and how to find it. I place a heavy emphasis on local viewpoints.

We have to see A&S Japan from the eyes of the domestic buyer. I personally visit Japan often, meeting with local suppliers as well as contacting local users. Through this process, I understand how the market channel operates, who the key providers are, where the hot applications are located and what the market cares about, so I can offer the right content that is needed.

The mission of industry publications is to really care about the market. One can always understand it better if you really investigate and find market details. Moreover, I know how to distribute the magazine to the right people. This is a crucial point to make the magazine more influential, because a magazine is like a platform.

A good industry publication with targeted circulation will facilitate the connection between buyers and suppliers locally and internationally in a dynamic environment. In turn, this energizes both parties to develop market awareness.

Q: For readers, how can they expect to be "energized"by A&S Japan? How will A&S Japan be managed?

A: A&S Japan is positioned as "a professional magazine providing total security solutions"with four main provisions: Market observation, product information, integration knowhow, and case studies. This magazine offers readers the latest market dynamics, new product technology updates, know-how of integration and global/local case studies to comprehensively cater to the needs of security solution providers.

In every issue, A&S Japan should

 Deliver up-to-date products, technologies, markets and applications

 Take an in-depth look into functions and technologies of products to improve installation and implementation by security professionals

 Analyze market developments with transparent and accurate reports

 Carry valuable reference material, such as case studies, to introduce solid security solution designs and integration

 Identify trustworthy suppliers and their strengths

We sincerely look forward to these principles shaping A&S Japan to be a professional, international and influential industry magazine in this market.

Q: What does A&S Japan mean to the A&S portfolio as a whole?

A: A&S Japan has two meanings to A&S Group. First, A&S Japan helps us respond to customer requests. For years, we have received inquiries from international players for more information regarding the Japan market to do business there, since they had no sources to understand it further. Through this new publication, we will be able to capture a clear picture of this market and share our observations in Japan with international players.

On the other hand, A&S Japan is a milestone in A&S Groupˇs globalization. For the first time, we are leaving the Greater China region to enter a market with a different language and culture in order to run a publication locally.

Many successful IT magazines also have local editions in various markets. A&S would like to emulate this model, while keeping in a mind long-term commitment and localized management to run A&S Japan.

Our motto is "We Promote Security."Security needs promotion to develop awareness, applications and market scale. And A&S holds an undisputed position as the worldˇs security promoter, a position that we intend to maintain. To me, A&S Japan is not only an extension of our offerings, but also an important practice of our motto"We Promote Security."
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