OpteliDome First in a New Series of Camera by Optelecom-NKF

Optelecom-NKF, Inc. is launching a series of high quality outdoor speed dome cameras. The OpteliDome is the first product to be released of this range of network cameras.

The OpteliDome combines high-quality camera components with MPEG-4 encoding in an outdoor speed dome camera. The precise pan/tilt drive, high-quality lens, hi-resolution image sensor, and DVD-quality MPEG-4 encoder assures that nothing is missed whether used in day or night applications.

The OpteliDome has a number of key features: day / night auto switch-over, 30x auto focus zoom lens for clear images, 10x digital zoom, 360per second pan-tilt speed, high-resolution dual MPEG-4 streaming for independent monitoring and storage, and an IP66 rating for outdoor operation.

The OpteliDome series is part of Optelecom-NKF's Siqura surveillance solution offering seamless integration of video monitoring, network storage, and management software.  "The introduction of the OpteliDome underlines our strategic direction of becoming an IP-surveillance solutions provider from camera to control desk," says Roger Decker, director product marketing.

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