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Redefining access control with Armatura's mobile credential solution

Redefining access control with Armatura's mobile credential solution
Post the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the industry to rethink access control solutions, there is an increasing demand to explore different modalities. Security customers we speak to often point out that what they need is a cost-optimized solution that offers robust security and a seamless experience for the users.
Post the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the industry to rethink access control solutions, there is an increasing demand to explore different modalities. Security customers we speak to often point out that what they need is a cost-optimized solution that offers robust security and a seamless experience for the users.
This is where mobile credential-based access control solutions are becoming increasingly relevant. In a world where mobile phones are being used for anything from switching on appliances to starting cars, physical security must keep up with digital trends.’s 2022 survey of integrators, distributors, and end users showed that mobile access control was one of the most mature and sustainable technologies to pursue.
Setting the pace in this arena is Armatura. This comprehensive mobile credential solution leverages the power of innovative technologies to drive the sector's transition to more modernized systems.  This article explores Armatura's mobile credential solution, its unique features, and benefits for security end customers and integrators.

How Armatura works

The Armatura mobile credential solution presents a versatile triad of modes – card, remote, and QR code. This robust system pivots around three integral elements: the intuitively designed 'ArmaturaID' mobile application, the agile ACMS mobile credential cloud management platform, and a range of edge devices, encompassing scanners and standalone terminals.
“The system is designed to be user-friendly, with a tap-and-go app that is easy to understand and use,” explained  Raymond So, Marketing Director for Armatura. “The mobile credential solution is open-ended, offering API and SDK for third-party integration. If users wish to use Armatura mobile credentials with their own app, they can easily integrate the ACMS API and use Armatura's controllers and software.”

Card mode

In card mode, BLE5.2 technology is used to simulate the swiping card function. The reading range can be configured from 1-50 cm, allowing users to adjust based on their preferences and environment.
“The mobile app – ArmaturaID - offers the option to use the virtual card in either foreground or background mode,” Clover Fang, Product Manager for Armatura, said. “If users choose foreground mode, the mobile app must be on for authentication. In background mode, the app remains in the background, and users can use the virtual card whenever the mobile device is close to a reader.”

Remote mode

In remote mode, the mobile app can open doors remotely using BLE5.2 technology, with a reading range of up to 10 meters. Users simply open the app, and a remote door open button appears under the QR code, allowing them to open the designated door.
Even beyond the obvious benefits, this can be incredibly useful in a number of situations. For example, to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Instead of physically approaching a door to open it, individuals can use the Armatura smartphone app to open it from a distance, removing potential barriers and creating a more inclusive atmosphere.

QR code mode

In this mode, a dynamic QR code, safeguarded by the AES-256 encryption standard, is employed to shield the intricate details of the code. Leveraging a Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) to bolster security, the QR code undergoes a regeneration process every 3 seconds, thwarting potential photo-capturing attacks.
There are several areas where QR codes could become useful. For instance, at concerts, conferences, or sports events where a large number of people need to gain access, a dynamic QR code system can allow for efficient, secure, and contactless entry.

Distinct features setting Armatura apart

Armatura's distinctive combination of convenience, flexibility, and security features distinguishes it from other mobile credential solutions on the market. Armatura is a compelling choice for enterprises looking for a complete, user-friendly, and secure mobile credential solution.

Enhanced security features

Security is critical, and Armatura was designed with this in mind. AES-256 encryption, dynamic QR codes with TOTP, and BLE5.2 technology enable safe communication and user data protection.

ACMS cloud-based management system

Armatura's ACMS cloud-based management system optimizes the registration and distribution process, allowing for the speedy and effective provision of mobile credentials.

Efficient mobile app

ArmaturaID, the mobile application, has a simple tap-and-go design that provides users with a seamless, easy-to-navigate experience. The app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms, providing accessibility to a wide range of users across multiple smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Flexible Integration

Armatura's open-ended architecture allows for simple integration with third-party systems. Its API and SDK support enables enterprises to easily integrate Armatura mobile credentials into their existing infrastructure.

Multiple modes of access

The three separate means of access - Card Mode, Remote Mode, and QR Code Mode - allows users to open doors and enter controlled areas in the most convenient manner for them.

Benefits for customers

Let's take a look at the advantages that enterprises can gain from deploying the Armatura mobile credential solution. Customers would have three main concerns – security, efficiency, and cost. A key factor to remember here is that ideally these three are interdependent. For instance, the more efficient the system, the better the security and lower the costs.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Recent months have seen economies across the globe enter recession or financial slowdown. Businesses are forced to tighten their belts and prepare for a season of weak growth.
Shifting to Armatura's mobile credentials, end users can dramatically slash the expenses tied to the procurement, distribution, and upkeep of physical access cards. This digital transition not only abolishes the reliance on plastic cards but also considerably lessens the environmental footprint.
"The ACMS cloud-based mobile credential management system simplifies the process of issuing and managing mobile credentials,"  Darcy Wang, Product Director for Armatura, added. "This reduces the time and resources required for administrative tasks and allows staff to focus on more critical business operations."

Better data security

Armatura's advanced security features, such as AES-256 encryption, dynamic QR codes with TOTP, and BLE5.2 technology, provide a higher level of security compared to traditional access control methods. This helps businesses protect their facilities and sensitive data more effectively.

Improved efficiency and user experience

The user-friendly ArmaturaID app streamlines the access control experience for both users and administrators. The app supports multiple access modes, remote access capabilities, and cross-platform compatibility, leading to a more efficient and seamless experience.

Scalability and flexibility

The Armatura solution is easily scalable and can be expanded as businesses grow or change. The open-ended architecture allows for seamless integration with third-party systems, providing flexibility to adapt to evolving business requirements.
By implementing the Armatura mobile credential solution, businesses can achieve significant cost savings and improved efficiency in their access control systems. The reduced reliance on physical cards, enhanced security features, and streamlined administrative processes contribute to a more secure and efficient access control experience.

The Armatura advantage for integrators

Armatura's distinct characteristics distinguish it as a market standout. Its user-friendly design shortens the learning curve and provides a smooth user experience. The system's open architecture enables easy integration with third-party systems, showcasing its adaptability. The various means of access available provide customers with options, increasing convenience.
“Integrators can market Armatura to their customers by highlighting the security benefits, cost-efficiency, flexibility, and customizability,” So said. “Provide hands-on demonstrations and trials of the solution, allowing potential customers to experience the user-friendly app and advanced features firsthand. This can help them better appreciate the benefits and make an informed decision.”
Advanced security features like AES-256 encryption, dynamic QR codes, and BLE5.2 technology provide credibility to the system. The cloud-based ACMS technology streamlines registration and delivery while ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Customizable reading ranges and remote access options enhance user convenience and accessibility even further.


In today’s digital age, organizations need to update their security strategies and take advantage of mobile technology’s pervasiveness to provide unprecedented security and convenience. ZKTeco’s Armatura mobile credential solution is positioned to be an important step forward in the industry as its adaptability, robustness and user-centric design fulfills current access control demands and requirements, whether by dynamic QR code or remote mode.

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