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SALTO takes access control to the next level with SALTO Space, KS and Homelok

SALTO takes access control to the next level with SALTO Space, KS and Homelok
To choose between on-premise and cloud-based access control systems, users need to consider several important factors. These include the size of the organization, the number of locations, the industry application, the security requirements, and the integration capabilities.
Access control is an important part of modern security systems. Traditionally, access control systems were on-premise solutions, requiring physical hardware and software to be installed onsite. However, in recent years, cloud-based access control solutions have emerged as an alternative. While cloud-based solutions offer certain benefits like scalability or greater accessibility, on-premise solutions remain a popular choice for many applications, especially those with special requirements.
To choose between on-premise and cloud-based access control systems, users need to consider several important factors. These include the size of the organization, the number of locations, the industry application, the security requirements, and the integration capabilities.
“For small organizations which want to easily integrate their access control systems with other services or an organization with multiple locations, a cloud-based access control solution may be the most practical option. This is because cloud-based solutions require minimal hardware and software maintenance, reducing the burden on the organization's IT staff,” said Don Dinh, General Director of SALTO Systems Vietnam. “For larger organizations that require their own network and infrastructure and a complete standalone solution, an on-premise access control solution may be the better choice. On-premise solutions offer not only more customization options but greater control over the entire security infrastructure.”
“Ultimately,” he added, “the best solution for your organization, property, or building type will depend on a range of factors, including your security requirements, use case, keyless entry method, and IT infrastructure.”
SALTO has long been known as a leader and innovator in access control. Now, with Space, KS and Homelok, SALTO has again taken access control to the next level, meeting users’ growingly complex security needs. This article takes a closer look at these solutions.


SALTO Space is an on-premises, fully-integrated smart-locking platform that brings access to every door in any building. The system is designed to work in a wire-free environment so there’s no need to hard-ware any door access points in the building. Further, SALTO Space allows stand-alone smart door locks to read, receive, and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system that utilizes the capabilities of RFID read/write technology.
Benefits of SALTO Space are manifold. The solution’s wireless feature allows ease of installation and savings on expensive wiring. It also enhances operation and management efficiency, allowing operators to manage and secure access control, monitor battery status and check user information all from their desk. For users, they can open doors with various credentials, including smartphone, PIN number, and smart keycard.
“SALTO Space, an SVN (SALTO Virtual Network)-powered smart access platform, gives site operators levels of access control flexibility and functionality previously available only through big-ticket, fully-wired solutions savings in installation and operating costs,” said Dinh. “SALTO Space access control platform covers many projects in different markets due to the scalability of the system — smaller projects can be implemented and then as required easily expand to larger, even transnational solutions.”


SALTO KS (KaaS: keys-as-a-service) is a cloud-based access control-as-a-service solution. Being cloud-based, the solution allows operators to remotely monitor every access point from anywhere at any time on any device in real time. Also, SALTO KS scales alongside the user’s business with ease, eliminating the extra man-hours or costs for rewiring. SALTO KS smart access solution offers multiple ways of opening doors, including digital keys. It supports a wide range of smart, keyless access methods to improve user experience and the security of any type of building or door including PIN code access.
According to Dinh, SALTO KS has a range of use cases for SMBs, large enterprises and multi-site organizations. “Modern cloud-based, wireless access control systems are easy and simple to use for businesses including co-working spaces, co-living buildings, purpose-built student accommodation, retail, multi-tenant housing, gyms and many more. Our best-in-class wireless access control solution and smart locks guarantee efficiency for your business. Integrate smart locks and start easily managing wireless access control now,” he said.

SALTO Homelok

SALTO Homelok is a smart access solution that offers managers and owners a convenient and secure way to control access and improve security across all types of residential properties. A comprehensive and cloud-based smart access control solution, it includes both hardware and advanced software for the residential, multi-family, and smart-living industries. Further, the SALTO Homelok API enables integration with third-party cloud-based applications such as PMS, CRM and self-touring, making property management easier and more efficient.
There are benefits for staff and residents alike. For staff, Homelok provides the flexibility of an agile SVN access-driven stand-alone cloud-based platform resolving any building access need; increases productivity and efficiencies in other business areas by offering central management for physical key allocation/replacements; and helps facilitate efficiency and system management by providing a single intuitive and user-friendly interface from which property managers can manage access. For residents, the mobile and web app provides convenient and easy digital access to unit doors and permitted common areas; allows any compatible iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock SALTO smart locks; and offers the ability to grant access remotely to visitors that might need access to their home while they’re not there.
“With the rise of smart living in recent times, the residential market has had to evolve to satisfy the demands. Likewise, property managers are looking for a convenient and simple solution for managing their properties, which provides seamless resident onboarding and easy access control for various third parties, from residents to maintenance personnel,” Dinh said. “The good news is that Homelok, SALTO’s new solution designed especially for the residential market, meets all these obstacles and more.” 

More connected living and keyless experience

Indeed, the aforementioned solutions reflect the innovative spirit that SALTO is known for. The company was the early leader in mobile access and cloud-based access control technology.  And has been behind the first stand-alone, battery-powered smart electronic lock; the SVN data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system to combine a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities. Now, SALTO has again redefined access control, offering Space, KS and Homelok that meet user needs for remote monitoring, wireless connectivity and multiple credentials support. In the future, we can expect SALTO to roll out even more advanced solutions to bring users closer to a more connected living and keyless experience.

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