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'Just one pick': Dahua's AcuPick leads in video search with accuracy, speed, and simplicity

'Just one pick': Dahua's AcuPick leads in video search with accuracy, speed, and simplicity
In the rapidly expanding video analytics industry, Dahua Technology's AcuPick stands out as a ground-breaking solution.
As the volume of video data grows exponentially, locating specific objects within the footage becomes increasingly challenging. To tackle this challenge, video analytics solutions have emerged as an indispensable tool, utilizing metadata to accurately identify and track objects, thus becoming an essential component of surveillance systems.
However, few companies have successfully developed an efficient video analytics solution that delivers actionable results. This is where Dahua Technology’s latest offering, AcuPick, becomes relevant. The solution effectively utilizes both front-end and back-end intelligence to help users locate targets more conveniently, quickly, and accurately in massive video data.

How AcuPick works

Dahua's AcuPick solution employs cutting-edge technology to analyze target feature data via intelligent IPC and seamlessly transmit it to the back-end NVR. Speaking to, Grace Huang, Product Manager at Dahua Technology, explained that during the search process, the NVR extracts target feature values using its sophisticated back-end intelligence capacity and compares them with those in the historical data from IPC.
A crucial factor that makes AcuPick attractive is its deep-learning foundation that ensures high accuracy and fewer false positives or false negatives by designing rich data enhancement strategies, optimizing neural network structure, and improving training strategies. False alarms are one of the biggest causes of resource wastage for many customers.

Factors that make AcuPick unique

AcuPick differs from other solutions in several ways, such as the integration of front-end and back-end intelligence for quicker, more precise target location and its deep-learning basis combined with sophisticated data improvement techniques for high accuracy and adaptability. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Faster operation for better efficiency 

Acupick can quickly locate video clips of human/vehicle targets, saving a significant percentage of valuable time. Unlike traditional searching modes, it requires only one pick to extract targets, which makes the process less complex.
“In the traditional AI technology, the AI analysis is independent of IP camera and back-end NVR,” Huang said. “AcuPick, based on the innovative concept of deep integration of front and back intelligence, makes this function an industry-leading technical solution.”

Accuracy and cost-effectiveness 

The solution’s comprehensive characteristics for human and vehicle targets provide users with high accuracy. AcuPick is also cost-effective as it eliminates the need for expensive computing servers, thus lowering operational costs and reducing the total cost of ownership.
“Accuracy and cost-effectiveness are critical factors that customers look for,” Huang said. “In the current global economic situation, it is important that every purchase you make offers a maximum return on your investments.”

Excellent results across conditions

AcuPick leverages advanced data enhancement techniques to improve its feature extraction model and address environmental factors, including lighting changes and varying angles.
“With the ability to adapt to changes in lighting conditions during different times of the day or seasons, the feature extraction model is designed to factor these variables from the outset,” Huang added.

Flexible and easy to use

Several features make AcuPick exceptionally easy to use. For instance, the intrusion search feature allows users to search for targets even when their appearance time is uncertain. By selecting the target type and drawing an intrusion area, Acupick can help users pinpoint the target and retrieve video clips of all the locations where the target has been.
“When you're not sure about the target's appearance time, Acupick allows for smart search using intrusion,” Huang pointed out. “First, you can select the target type, such as vehicle or human, then draw an intrusion area. This enables you to quickly locate the desired target. Furthermore, you can use Acupick again to search and obtain video clips of all the locations where the target has been.”

“Just one pick” 

In the rapidly expanding video analytics industry, Dahua Technology's AcuPick stands out as a ground-breaking solution. With unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, it offers customers incomparable ease of use.
Its distinctive qualities, including quicker operation, efficacy in a range of environments, and extensive search options, make it an industry-leading solution for surveillance systems. Furthermore, it distinguishes itself from rivals thanks to its capacity for environmental adaptation and reliable feature extraction.
As video data continues to expand, AcuPick is well-positioned to become a vital tool for a wide range of industries, offering innovative and practical solutions to overcome the challenges of identifying objects in an increasingly complex digital landscape. As its tagline suggests, AcuPick is all you need to pick for a perfect security solution.
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