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ZKBio CVSecurity: All-in-one platform addressing users’ various security needs

ZKBio CVSecurity: All-in-one platform addressing users’ various security needs
ZKTeco’s ZKBio CVSecurity is an all-in-one, web-based security platform that can help meet users’ various security needs. This article discusses what it is and what it can do for users.
ZKTeco’s ZKBio CVSecurity is an all-in-one, web-based security platform that can help meet users’ various security needs. This article discusses what it is and what it can do for users.
Security is critical for end-users. In projects with multiple entry points, security operators need to have oversight on who’s entering the front entrance, who’s taking elevators and who’s driving into the parking lot. Yet operators are often troubled by security systems that are unintegrated and work in silos.
“There are many scenarios where the system is isolated: For example, there are many security subsystems such as access control, parking and intelligent video analysis, and the data cannot be connected,” said Raymond So, Global Marketing Manager of ZKTeco Group. “A low level of intelligence is also a problem, leading to delayed response in unpredictable danger. The data is scattered and the management efficiency is low.”

ZKBio CVSecurity comes to the rescue

ZKTeco is a major player in security with extensive experience in the areas of biometrics, access control and video surveillance. The company solves the aforementioned challenges with ZKBio CVSecurity, an “all-in-one” web-based integrated security platform that effectively addresses security operators’ pain points with the following features:
  • Multiple modules including: personnel, time and attendance, access control, visitor management, parking, elevator control, FaceKiosk, intelligent video management, mask and temperature detection, and patrol that encompass all areas of security at an end-user site;
  • The ability to aggregate all data and present it through the visual dashboard to facilitate managers’ decision-making;
  • Computer vision technology and intelligent analysis applications that are fully integrated to deliver adequate warning in advance, rapid response to incidents and accurate verification after the event, providing more effective security for people, vehicles and objects.
Indeed, computer vision is a hallmark of ZKBio CVSecurity which has various intelligent video features. The following especially stand out:

Personnel control: Personnel control is deployed at the entrance and exit or key areas. The visual data board is seen to identify employees, strangers and “blocklisted” personnel in real-time; when suspicious people or blocklisted personnel are identified, the platform focuses on the flashing of the logo to remind the security personnel to respond quickly.
Tailgating detection: After a person enters or exits the access control or gate, the smart camera or Intelligent Video Analytics Edge will capture and identify the individual, and then verify whether the individual has a compliance record at the access control or gate. If there is no record, it means tailgating or abnormal passage, and security personnel can timely handle abnormal situations.

In addition, ZKBio CVSecurity has additional features that ensure the end user organization’s security, efficiency and business continuity. These include:
  • Web-based all-in-one security platform: Users can access the centralized system anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of standalone terminals and controllers under a wide area network (WAN).
  • Highly Integrated with ZKBioHA: ZKBioHA is a high-availability solution for enterprise, providing professional real-time sync of business data and business continuity protection for customers.
  • Intelligent scene capability that enables target search, strangers retrieve, personnel trajectory, people counting, attendance checking and perimeter protection.
  • Data security: ZKBio CVSecurity provides highly secure communications over a computer network with HTTPS, and increases security with TLS1.2, RSA2048 and AE256 protocols.
  • Automatic notification: After the email server is setup, the system can send e-mail, WhatsApp, Line, Amazon SNS and SMS notifications automatically to designated recipients.
  • Operation Log: This function enables users to check who performed each operation, when it was performed, what was performed, and where it was performed.
  • RESTful API for 3rd-party integration: ZKBio CVSecurity can be integrated with multiple applications of 3rd party software.
  • Alarm center: An alarm center is provided to view all face, vehicle, camera, access control, fire and global monitor and control alerts. The device icon shines on the GIS map in case an alarm is triggered, and staff can zoom in and locate the alert with just one click.
  • Hybrid biometric verification: ZKBio CVSecurity supports various kinds of biometric verifications, including palm, fingerprint, facial and finger vein.

Is it a good fit?

According to So, ZKBio CVSecurity is mainly for mid-end and mid-to-high-end project markets and primarily focuses on public security with its video surveillance and computer vision analysis capabilities. When considering whether ZKBio CVSecurity is a good fit, the user can decide based on the number of doors in the project.
“ZKBio CVSecurity is the latest version of ZKbioSecurity. The target project size is from 30 to 500 doors. Right now, 100-plus door licenses are over 35 percent of our total sales,” So said.

Making things easier for SIs

ZKBio CVSecurity is an integrated security platform. As such, it is well integrated with various subsystem hardware including: IP cameras, access control readers, barriers/gates and visitor kiosks, among others, that are provided by ZKTeco as well as other brands. This then makes things easier for systems integrators/end users in their project implementation.
“ZKBio CVSecurity already has experience integrating intrusion alarms (from Bosch/Risco), and if you need to integrate other brands, we can quickly implement it,” So said.
He added: “For IP cameras, we recommend Bioserver ZKIVA-Edge T1, an Intelligent Video Anayltic Edge for face recognition and perimeter protection that supports connecting third-party/existing cameras, such as Axis, Sony, Hanwha Techwin and other brands, through RTSP streaming. For speed gates and barriers, we recommend connecting third-party barriers by using our access control device or PGIC network passway controller. For face readers, there is support for connecting to our InBio Pro controller via Wiegand or RS485 to connect to ZKBio CVSecurity.”

Strong demand expected

Integrated platforms have become an important concept in security. Operators can benefit by managing all systems from a single platform and enjoy more convenience and efficiency in the process. ZKTeco has done quite well in this regard, providing ZKBio CVSecurity that combines video, access control, parking, visitor management and other subsystems all into one platform, which also offers advanced video intelligence and business continuity features. With users continuing to demand integrated platforms to meet various security needs, we can expect ZKBio CVSecurity to do well and succeed in the market.

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