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Not just security: Genetec helps data centers offer flawless customer experience

Not just security: Genetec helps data centers offer flawless customer experience
Most customers know Genetec Security Center offers unparalleled security. But here's a look at how it can go beyond security and aid in improving customer experience.
Data centers are an integral part of modern business infrastructure as digitization makes inroads into more and more industries. As more solutions get connected, storage and management of data generated become critical. According to data from Arizton, the global data center market will reach $174 billion by 2023.
COVID-19 boosted the importance of datacenters even further, with cloud computing becoming essential for companies to manage remote working. Such a dramatic increase in demand has also boosted the need for more efficient security measures. Genetec Security Center has proved to be of great help to enable better protection for many data center service providers.
But as the demand for data centers increases, providing a seamless customer experience has also become essential. It was this realization that drove Australia's leading data center service provider, NEXTDC, to explore the full potential of Genetec software.

Why data centers need to look beyond security

Data is one of the most valuable commodities in the 21st century. Data-driven businesses that thrive on actionable insights are the future. This means that customers who use data center services want round-the-clock protection of their assets. Service providers must ensure that their infrastructure is safe from physical and cyber-attacks 24/7.
But putting stringent security measures in place doesn't mean that end users ignore their customer and partner experience. NEXTDC, for instance, realized that their physical security systems should also be able to inform, enhance customer service, and improve operations cost-effectively. This meant more visibility across the network and integration with critical systems like intercoms and customer request management in one platform.
"For NEXTDC, providing the best customer experience was as important as securing their assets," explained Daniel Lee, Managing Director for APAC at Genetec. "For this, they needed a unified solution that could seamlessly integrate with their visitor management, communication, and other operational systems."
Extending physical security systems to operational technology would allow data center service to become more efficient and productive. With the seamless integration that a platform like Genetec Security Center provides, businesses can ensure that they provide high-quality customer and partner support.

Challenges and ways to overcome them

Datacenter customers have several concerns that pose significant challenges to systems integrators (SI). NEXTDC, for instance, wanted the project completed without delay. The demand for Tier IV data center services was high, and they wanted to reach the market with a better customer experience as soon as possible.
Data centers are built at an incredible pace these days despite the complexities related to the higher grade of physical security and barriers required to comply with ASIO T4 accreditation. For the SI, ACG, who implemented this project, meeting the client's expectations was a priority.
"NEXTDC wanted us to deliver multiple secure data halls before the completion of the main building," explained Josh Collier, Manager of Security Development Business at ACG. "We were able to quickly cable and install access control and video surveillance within days instead of the usual weeks that are required to undertake a typical installation."
The Genetec security platform was an easy choice for NEXTDC to cover its multiple data centers. With its advanced control, the platform allowed the customer to monitor them independently from their own SOC while also being a federated system. Thanks to Genetec, the SI overcame several challenges that they met during the project.
"Challenges always arrive when you're striving to innovate and improve security, operations, and customer service,” Collier added. “Using Genetec solutions resolves many of them easily. One challenge was to improve communications between the SOC, visitors, contractors, and couriers. ACG implemented a Genetec Sipelia system which includes complicated PBX trunks to other SOC that provide a complex call routing and ring groups to ensure calls from intercoms throughout the data center are answered quickly by any operator in Australia."

The advantages that Genetec provides

Daniel Lee
Managing Director, APAC
Working with the Genetec platform brought several benefits to NEXTDC. It allowed them to use open, platform-agnostic hardware which can be connected to other access control security platforms. This provides a long-term hardware investment safeguard.

1. The open platform advantage

Based on an open architecture, Genetec solutions provide more flexibility to data center customers, giving them the freedom to choose hardware that suits their needs and conditions without worrying about interoperability. This was a major advantage to NEXTDC.
"The choice of open hardware enables the client to choose the hardware that best suits their requirements," Collier explained. "For NEXTDC having multiple system components such as security, access control, video, ANPR and intercommunications all in one unified security solution provides easy roll out and eliminates any integration incompatibilities further down the road."

2. Better visitor management

With the centralized management of these different solutions, the end user can provide a better customer experience. Most importantly, they are able to do it without running up the costs or employing more staff.

"Genetec improves response times, streamlines visitor management, and increases site security," explained Lee. "Datacenter providers can easily automate visitor requests and maintain a detailed audit for visitor trails using physical identity and access management module like Genetec ClearID. This helps the customers set up protocols for when and where technicians, vendors, or other third-party personnel can get into the premise without using additional resources."

3. Remote system access for a better experience

A large data center often has several cameras, access control systems, and other security solutions installed at various locations. Managing these independently is an arduous and inefficient task. Using Genetec Security Center allows customers to manage every device remotely and centrally.
"The Security Center Federation from Genetec allowed NEXTDC to manage its 2400 cameras seamlessly, video analytics and reporting, doors and other managed hardware, access points and solutions, two-factor authentication systems, and intercoms across different centers," explained Lee. "This improved the customer experience and reduced the number of staff that the company had to deploy."

4. More options to explore

The benefits mentioned above have helped NEXTDC improve its operations. But the company plans to take this a step further using AutoVu, the license plate recognition system of Genetec Security Center.
"Customers would appreciate a hassle-free experience at the gates when they drive into a premise," Lee pointed out. "With Genetec's integrated AutoVu license plate recognition system, customers can make sure known vehicles are allowed entry without any human intervention."

Toward better security and CX with Genetec

Most data center customers are aware of how the Genetec Security Center platform can help them protect their assets. However, they can get more returns on their investment when using the same to improve customer experience. The seamless integration and interoperability that Genetec offers will ensure that operations become simpler and hassle-free.
As more data centers come up and demand for better protection and customer experience rise, companies would want to explore options to gain more benefits from their physical security systems. With Genetec, SIs can seize this opportunity at the right time.  
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