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CCTV auditing software can help you find what AI misses

CCTV auditing software can help you find what AI misses
AI and ML cameras may not capture all the essential information from surveillance footage. Auditing can help you here.
AI and ML have automated much of security monitoring, but they cannot fully replace a human audit of video surveillance footage, according to a Mumbai, India-based security software provider.
One of the major issues that plague security is the "set it and forget it" attitude. Customers install a camera but don't bother to check on its maintenance. Only after an incident would they consider the camera again.
While the arrival of advanced analytic algorithms has made it possible for customers to receive instant alerts of incidents, it has also reinforced the tendency to set it and forget it. After all, the AI will let you know if something goes wrong, right?
Well, not really, says Gautam Goradia, CEO and MD of Comsur.

The need to audit security footage

Setting up surveillance cameras is not enough to prevent crime. Even with advanced AI, there are several missing pieces in footage that customers would miss if they don't audit the footage frequently. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible for security professionals to manually audit hours of footage from several cameras using their usual solutions.
This is one of the main areas where Comsur's software becomes relevant. The company positions itself as the world's only surveillance footage auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent incident reporting software.
The Comsur software's most interesting and potentially useful feature is turning hours of footage from several cameras into a single timeline that can be viewed with just the tap of a key. The software works as an added layer on most VMS, although the company is actively working with Videonetics VMS.
Let's take an example of a school to see why auditing may be necessary.
Most of them have cameras in all common areas. Some of them even have AI-enabled cameras that would provide alerts if there were an intruder or a fight breaks out. This is all good. But how do you know if a child is being bullied often if it doesn't involve unusual physical fights? Bullying is not just physical fights, and cameras can't capture them. But if you see them yourself, you will know what's happening. This is where auditing becomes essential.

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Where to use Comsur?

Goradia explains that Comsur is suited for almost all security verticals. Schools are an essential vertical, as we just saw. But there are others. In a white paper that explains the software's use in airports, Goradia points out that auditing will help identify and analyze threats and hazards of various kinds.
"Auditing surveillance camera footage will also be beneficial in waste reduction and following the 5S philosophy, i.e., sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain (all part of Six Sigma practices)," the white paper reads. "Auditing may also be seen as a debriefing activity,
where the idea is to evaluate the conduct of the airport personnel through the minute analysis (against a defined set of rules) of video that would have recorded their activities."
Moreover, in case of an accident /incident, relevant authorities can analyze CCTV video footage to determine whether implementing or improving existing policies, procedures, and processes could help reduce the potential for future occurrences.
“Auditing” means “seeing” what the cameras “saw,” according to Goradia. He stresses the importance of surveillance camera footage being audited daily to avoid missing out on critical information.

An initiative to extend support to the society

Besides its commercial interests, Comsur is also providing its software free of cost to low-income schools, places of worship, and zoos worldwide. Goradia feels that these segments would benefit tremendously from their solution, but they might find it challenging to purchase it due to a lack of funding.
Auditing security footage is always a great way to keep track of what happens. However, it can be a challenging task with typical applications. A software like Comsur can make the work easier, providing an extra layer of security to the customer.
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