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Relief for SMBs as Hikvision tailors solutions to meet their security needs

Relief for SMBs as Hikvision tailors solutions to meet their security needs
But being an SMB comes with its own set of challenges. Realizing this, Hikvision has come up with some cool technologies that would help them have peace of mind when it comes to security.
Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are an integral contributor to economies worldwide. According to World Bank, in emerging economies alone, SMBs account for up to 40 percent of the GDP. Worldwide, they also represent about 90 percent of businesses and more than 50 percent of employment.
But being an SMB comes with its own set of challenges. From a security perspective, they have many of the same requirements as larger organizations. But with tighter budgets, fewer administrative resources, and a lack of in-house IT talent, SMBs often struggle to take advantage of the latest security solutions to protect their assets and even gather business intelligence.
Realizing these unique constraints, Hikvision has come up with some cool technologies for SMBs to overcome these challenges and have peace of mind when it comes to security.

Accurate sensing without hassles 

Kevin You
Product Management Director
Hikvision Digital Technology
Without administrative resources, many SMB customers lack dedicated security personnel to look after daily security operations and management. This means that when there is a security breach, businesses may not notice it immediately. Fortunately, AI-enabled algorithms are smart enough to automate this process.
"Today, technology has taken video intelligence to the next level with increased accuracy and performance, thanks to AI development and Deep Learning algorithms," explains Kevin You, Product Management Director at Hikvision. "There are many industries and markets where AI already is making an impact in significant ways, including SMBs who had to browse through thousands of recorded videos to find evidence of an event. Now, they can enjoy real-time and accurate alerts with fewer distractions. They also gain a proactive approach by identifying potential hazards before they happen. And all this at only a small incremental cost to their business."
One example is the use of Hikvision's security devices with AcuSense technology powered by AI. AcuSense works to distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other objects using its smart algorithms. This means it can filter out security alerts associated with humans (or vehicles) and alert operators only on those that require further attention and action.
To take things one step further, some cameras with AcuSense AI can flash to deter the intruder away or even allow users to give a warning through the built-in speaker. With Hikvision AcuSense technology, SMB customers can ensure better perimeter and site security while reducing false alarms and enabling significant time and cost savings.

Better visual and situational clarity at night   

Security breaches are not governed by the seasons, the weather, and certainly not by the time of day. They can occur at any time and often under cover of darkness when traditional, black-and-white security cameras with infrared lighting cannot capture events well enough to collect clear evidence or respond effectively.
For SMB customers, this is not an area they would want to take a risk. Imagine if they found a video clip containing key evidence of an event at night, but the visuals were grainy and unclear. This would make it difficult to see a face or distinguish the color of clothing or an automobile. All efforts would be in vain.
"Today's new technologies have empowered modern video cameras to see better in any light and high resolution," You added. "Hikvision cameras with ColorVu technology can capture full-color HD images in low light because of two key technology breakthroughs - advanced F1.0 large apertures and high-performance imaging sensors. The cameras also use a new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm to increase clarity at long range, and a soft and warm supplemental light that guarantees colorful images even in zero-light environments."
This offers a much better visual experience than traditional cameras, providing accurately rendered color images with balanced brightness at all times of the day or night. Cameras with ColorVu technology include 4K cameras for UHD experience and varifocal cameras for unparalleled clarity. These innovations allow organizations and local authorities to monitor outdoor or indoor spaces, identify breaches as soon as they occur, and react in real-time.

Easy access and management on the cloud

The enhanced ease of connectivity and scalable bandwidth made possible by cloud technology are helping companies connect a lot more cameras to their networks than before. Having all the security systems and data tucked away in an IT closet is no longer in the best interests of many SMBs.
Push notifications, remote video viewing, and cloud services are now mainstream for SMB customers, and their security solutions must support these capabilities. Hikvision's Hik-Connect app offers a seamless connection with all its security devices, allowing SMB customers to view real-time videos, playback, and receive event notifications remotely wherever they are.
"This means they can monitor remotely or even open a door with audio communication, for example," You explained. "This saves SMB customers some time as they go about their busy day. Beyond security and monitoring use cases, SMB companies are taking advantage of a raft of new technologies like AI, cloud service, and technological convergence to undertake a range of tasks."


Limited budget and resources have constantly challenged the efforts of SMBs to implement efficient security solutions. What this market requires is solutions crafted to meet their unique requirements. This is exactly what Hikvision has done.
More and more SMBs continue to emerge worldwide, and security “cool technologies” like these from Hikvision will provide them a much-needed boost in protecting their assets. With Hikvision solutions, business owners can worry less about security and focus more on their operations.
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