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How Axis solutions can help your business thrive during the pandemic

How Axis solutions can help your business thrive during the pandemic
As COVID-19 continues to remain a threat to lives and the economy, technology-driven solutions are inevitable for business continuity.
The unprecedented arrival of COVID-19 has ripped through the plans and ambitions of security service providers and their customers. Businesses have had to deal with three main challenges. First, they have to remain afloat during this crisis. Second, they must ensure safety protocols when reopening. Finally, they need to optimize their technology and devices to remain cost-efficient to support their current and future needs.

Axis solutions are designed to increase security and maximize business performance and operational efficiency. In addition, they offer improved safety – never more important than in times of a pandemic. They allow customers to carry on with their daily business while protecting themselves and the people around them. These solutions range from touchless access to buildings, public address systems for voice messages and reminders, remote communication to keep physical distance to crowd, and occupancy management to monitor and control the flow of people.

They also include live streaming and broadcasting to keep operations running, as well as remote services to manage sites from a distance - solutions that support safe behaviors over time. Many customers were quick to see the need for these solutions and adopted them in times of a pandemic. This article takes a close look at these solutions and how they make a difference to customers.  

Social-distancing compliance solution

Jessica Chang,
Regional Director, North Asia,
Axis Communications
Social distancing is the new normal, and businesses have no option but to make sure their employees and customers maintain the recommended physical distance between them. But this is easier said than done in everyday situations, and employing someone to monitor it constantly is not feasible.

Axis occupancy control solution makes it easier to follow physical distancing restrictions by not allowing too many people in one place at the same time,” explains Jessica Chang, Regional Director for North Asia at Axis Communications. “The solution automates the counting process and alert customers or staff of the number of people meeting the threshold. The automatic process can preserve staff for more important tasks.”

When the immediate regulations ease, the same technology can analyze customer flow throughout stores and identify peak visiting times. This can help inform future decisions - such as store planning and effective staff allocation - and energy control measurements.

A retail chain in Australia is monitoring the incoming traffic with Axis occupancy control solution. In Japan, another retail chain managed a ventilation system using the occupancy analytics measurements to optimize the air condition cost. “With similar technology, a retail bank even decides the optimal number of staff to deliver its target service and reduce the staff roster costs by an average 15 hours per week,” Chang added.

Safety through a low-touch environment

An equally important safety measure is minimizing physical contact with objects that have been used by others. Traditional access control solutions might have taken a backseat to the contactless access management systems.

“Axis network door controller makes it easier to comply with physical distancing and hygiene requirements through touchless access via QR codes,” said Chang. “Minimize the touch when employees are entering an office premise. The solution includes a video intercom (AXIS Network Door Station) and free software to issue a QR code as a credential.”

This means staff or customers can enter your premises independently and move through accessible areas while allowing you to keep track of who is present at any given moment.

Intercom solution for minimum contact

Hospitals and health care facilities are at the forefront of the war against COVID-19. They are also the places where the risk of disease-spread is at its highest. Axis video intercoms allow patients to communicate with staff with the press of a button, thereby minimizing the chances of physical contact.

“The video intercoms solution provides a video-audio communication in one device,” Chang explained. “The patient can connect with the nurse station instantly with the press of a button. With the visual and audio device, it enables remote 2-way interaction without direct face communication.”

Over recent years, several healthcare institutions have realized the need for better technology for more efficient operations and had begun overhauling their systems. But the process was understandably slow as it had to be done without disruption to daily functions. What COVID-19 has done is to accelerate these initiatives on a war footing.

Progressive healthcare facilities like Nemours Children’s hospital realized the benefits of video surveillance to remotely validate patient alarms and direct medical teams to where they are most needed.

“We’re always taught in school to treat the patient, not the monitor,” says Daniela Melendez, the Nurse Manager for Nemours’ Tactical Logistics Center. “The Axis cameras let us check on patients and actually see how they are doing rather than strictly rely on the clinical data to spot trends and identify problems.”

Another example is a hospital in Taiwan that used Axis network camera and 3rd party conference call applications to connect patients in the ICU and visitors at the reception.  When the pandemic is over, they would help the management safely and efficiently welcome visitors back and play a vital role in improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Business continuity with video-based communication

The pandemic has forced businesses to allow remote working on a massive scale. This means companies have to engage with their customers through remote communication systems, especially for activities like B2B training. Axis solution helps companies achieve this through high-quality video broadcasting with a compact setup and minimum staff.

“The video-based solutions from Axis makes it easier to broadcast onsite training to external audiences,” Chang continued. “It enables physical distancing and keep operations running by supporting live streaming and video broadcasting.”

Achieve long-term value with minimum setup

Axis is offering its customers technology-driven solutions that would ensure social distance compliance, low touch environment, and remote video-based communication to battle the current pandemic situation. Axis is unique in offering customers both in-house analytics and a wide range of partner video analytics, leveraging the powerful distributed video analytic capabilities and open application platform found in their cameras.

Several businesses, especially in the retail and health care industry, have already adopted these solutions, not just because they provide a quick remedy to COVID-19 challenges but also because they have long-term value. As the pandemic remains unabated, businesses need to actively think of short-term and long-term needs.
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