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Why choose electromagnetic locks in the post-pandemic era

Why choose electromagnetic locks in the post-pandemic era
To prevent the spread of covid-19, businesses are looking at advanced access control solutions to allow contactless entry and control the flow of people. In this regard, the access control system can do a better job preventing covid-19 when paired with the electromagnetic lock.
Covid-19 has become a global pandemic affecting millions. To prevent the spread of the disease, businesses are looking at advanced access control solutions to allow contactless entry and control the flow of people. In this regard, the access control system can do a better job preventing covid-19 when paired with the electromagnetic lock, which is already popular at various end user entities: According to a report by Persistence Market Research, the global electronic locks market is expected to register a 13.9 percent CAGR from 2017 to 2025, and demand for electromagnetic locks is expected to exhibit highest CAGR the forecast period.
The covid-19 disease has significantly affected how businesses operate. More and more, end users look for contactless solutions to prevent the act of touching. People flow and maximum capacity rules are in place to ensure social distancing. These end user requirements can be met by today’s access control systems. Especially, the integration of access control and electromagnetic lock could offer extra advantages compared to other types of locks.

Why choose EM locks to go with access control

Andrew Fong, Director,
 Sales and Marketing
Division, ATNESIS

Compared to different locking solutions in the market, EM locks are much easier to install and maintain. “Unlike other types of lock, an EM lock could be mounted onto any kind of door without complex installation works. Other locks might require frequent maintenance such as door alignment after a period of time, but EM lock has no such maintenance issues,” said Andrew Fong, Director of Sales and Marketing Division at ATNESIS, the company that owns the ALGATEC brand of locks.
Meanwhile, electromagnetic locks have no mechanical parts and no wear and tear problems. Hence, they are durable and could be used throughout the lifetime of the door.
Furthermore, EM locks are fail-safe, meaning in the event of an emergency-triggered power failure, the EM lock will release and open doors to ensure people’s safety. “For example, if there is a fire breaks out in shopping mall, the electricity will goes off and the lock will automatically release and let the customers egress from the building,” Fong said. 

What ALGATEC offers

As a renowned brand name for lock solutions, ALGATEC offers EM locks that work well with access control systems to meet user demands in the post-pandemic world. The locks, which support a wide variety of access control systems for example RFID card access control systems and face recognition access systems to minimize skin contact on public access doors and devices, are especially suitable in this pandemic. ALGATEC EM locks have certain advanced features that make them stand out including the lock status monitoring function (LSMF) and door status monitoring function (DSMF) providing two-tier access control feature, timer and buzzer function alerting the user of the door status, and accessibility to remote control function for ease of door access. Integrated LSMF with bond sensors and LED enables users to monitor the door opened/closed signal, while integrated DSMF with magnetic contact enables users to monitor if the door is properly closed.
Further, ALGATEC EM locks stand out due to the advanced manufacturing processes with which the locks are made. “We are implementing smart manufacturing technologies, pairing physical production and operations with smart digital technologies, machine learning and big data to create better connected ecosystem that focus on supply chain and manufacturing management. We’ve invested in collaborative robots, IoT and system integration for more consistent and accurate output. This is in line with the transformation to Industry 4.0,” Fong said.
The locks also win on design and environmental friendliness. The Eco Series EM lock is designed to contribute to green living with power and energy saving features enabling current consumption of less than 300mA. Additional anodizing process is applied on aluminum housing after all the machining processes are done to provide even appearance and cosmetic. Anodizing process is also environment friendly, non-hazardous and harmless to human health.

Projects where ALGATEC EM locks are deployed

According to Fong, ALGATEC’s EM locks are suitable for all business entities seeking access control solutions that help protect staff and employees during and after the pandemic. Already, the locks are deployed all around the world in international airports, hospitals, army facility, universities, commercial offices and banks, to name a few.
As for covid-19’s effects on ALGATEC’s business, Fong said: “The movement control order implemented in March until May has caused a setback in our production and quarterly performance, but things are expected to be back on track in the second half this year. In general, customers in the industry are rather optimistic about a rebound in Q4. Simply put, we see this to be a challenging year as a result of the pandemic, but we are still on the bright side as we are expanding into new market segments.”
Indeed in the post-pandemic era, people look to effective access control solutions for covid-19 prevention and control. In this regard, ALGATEC positions itself as the user’s preferred choice for EM locks to choose along with their access control system due to the locks’ enhanced access control, fail-safe and low-maintenance features. Lock companies like ALGATEC that offer unique and feature-rich EM locks can, then, win the favor and trust from installers and systems integrators in different projects and achieve further success in the post-pandemic world.

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