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What Dahua Technology’s three core product launches mean to the industry

What Dahua Technology’s three core product launches mean to the industry
In mid-January, Dahua Technology announced its three core product launches of the year — HDCVI 6.0, AI (WizSense & WizMind) and Full-color. talked to Bob Chen, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Center at Dahua Technology to further understand their values to the industry.
In mid-January, Dahua Technology announced its three core product launches of the year — HDCVI 6.0, AI (WizSense & WizMind) and Full-color. talked to Bob Chen, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Center at Dahua Technology to further understand their values to the industry. What main trends have you observed in the past few years? How are they related to Dahua Technology’s latest core product launches?

Bob Chen,
Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Center,
Dahua Technology

Chen: In the past few decades, the security industry has been through several major technological revolutions -- from analog to digital, digital to IP, and now intelligent. Along with these new technology adoptions, the users’ demands for security have also become quite different. They need some more accurate, comprehensive and intelligent security systems to improve the overall level of social security. 

Therefore, industry professionals focus on how to bring better resolution and more intelligence to users through their solutions, not only regarding after-event tracking and analysis but also for incident prevention. However, there are some challenges that still greatly hinder the industry to achieve these goals -- technical bottlenecks, such as algorithms, computing power, big data, recognition accuracy in low light situations and the high prices of AI products. 

To address these problems, we are proud to release HDCVI 6.0, AI (WizSense & WizMind) and Full-color. What do these products mean to the industry? What are their major technological breakthroughs?

Chen: These three core launches have proved the major development of the company’s technological capability. Our AI technology has been included in a great number of our HD-over-coaxial (HDCVI) products, while pure IP solutions cover mid-to-high and low-end markets; this means AI has become ubiquitous in our life. The simplicity and high cost-effectiveness of WizSense will also continue to accelerate the inclusivity of AI in the security industry.


To meet the market’s requirement for analog with high definition and zero latency, Dahua Technology became the first in the security industry to release HDCVI in 2012, and to introduce intelligence into analog, the company continuously invests in its innovation. This year, we released HDCVI 6.0, Dahua Technology’s patented technology, which is very unique to the industry compared to other HD-over-coaxial solutions. HDCVI 6.0 now can achieve 4K resolution at 25/30fps coaxial transmission. Similar products in the market can only achieve 4K resolution at 15fps coaxial transmission.

Moreover, HDCVI 6.0 is the only one coaxial solution in the industry that can support AI coding technology. While compressing and storing data, the video system still provides high video quality to recognize target objects, such as humans and cars.

HDCVI 6.0 also supports two-way voice intercom technology, which is the first in the industry to have two-way audio communication over the HD-over-coaxial solution. 


To achieve 24/7 video surveillance in high quality, the industry has always been trying to improve the video quality at night time and even in a completely dark environment. The demand for cameras that can perform in a low light environment is also on the rise. According to the 2019 IHS report regarding the global low illumination trend, cameras with advanced low light functionality grows at 20.6 percent CAGR from 2018 to 2023.

To meet this increasing demand, Dahua Technology launched the industry's first full-color and SMD (Smart Motion Detection) Plus combination application. The full color image significantly improves the accuracy of AI at night, which does not only bring better visual experience but also collect more information for users. In some scenes, the accuracy can also reach up to 98 percent, effectively filtering out pets, leaves and raindrops in low-light environments. Regardless of lights and other unrelated objects, it supports fast retrieval of people and vehicles to improve the efficiency of event search and reduces labor costs.


This year, finally we can see how AI has been adopted in almost all types of video surveillance products. Dahua Technology’s two latest series of AI products and solutions, WizSense and WizMind, are both equipped with powerful AI computing chips and deep learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy in recognizing targets, such as people and vehicles. 

Dahua WizSense is a series of AI products and complete end-to-end solution based on deep-learning. By focusing on human and vehicle, WizSense benefits everyone with intelligent functions, simple configuration and inclusive products, covering practically all the needs of entry-level markets.

Featuring SMD Plus, perimeter protection, face detection, face recognition, face attribute search, AI coding and high-level of cyber security, WizSense can be applied in a variety of scenarios, such as villa houses, luxury store entrances and dangerous area perimeters. The price and ultra-compact configuration of the product show that AI does not only exist in high-end products. It can also be easily used in general commercial scenarios.


WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, Thermal and software platform which adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms. Empowering verticals with leading AI technology, WizMind offers precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions.

Offering face recognition, privacy protection, human video metadata, people counting, automatic number of plate recognition, vehicle metadata, vehicle illegal parking, heat map, behavior analysis, wide area security, smart tracking, thermal imaging-based human body temperature measurement, fire prevention, long distance thermal AI and other functions, WizMind aims to truly create value for customers.

Privacy Protection supports real-time mosaic masking of human face or human body detected in the monitoring picture. With a maximum frame of 60 fps, this function can achieve a target detection of max. 96 objects/frame with a detection rate up to 98%, supporting the universal privacy protection requirement around the globe. In addition, ANPR, with a detection rate up to 99% and recognition rate up to 95%, now support application in 58 countries, which we believe will show steady growth with more and more solutions applied all around the globe.

WizMind provides solutions for targeted high-end markets with more complex and demanding requirements, such as finance, retail, energy, government, transportation and so on.  How do these new technologies help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Chen: Recently, our High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution that integrates AI technology has played a unique role in helping containing COVID-19. Many public places around the world, including transportation hubs, hospitals, commercial complexes, financial institutions and universities, are now equipped with temperature measurement systems based on thermal imaging technology. Once there is a fever, it will be immediately identified. The WizMind series of thermal imaging cameras combined with the black body constitute the Dahua body temperature measurement system, which can provide customers with human temperature measurement data with a tolerance of no more than 0.3 degrees Celsius. 

The back-end WizMind NVR and IVSS can support real-time display of body temperature data and associate face information. If a fever is found, a real-time alarm can be linked to inform the site staff. At the same time, staff can also export relevant temperature data to provide data support for subsequent epidemic analysis, and then data will be automatically deleted.

Also, wearing a mask is an effective way to prevent and control the spread of the novel coronavirus. In response to this situation, Dahua Technology introduced a mask detection program in combination with AI technology, in places like entrances and exits. The cameras can detect in real time anyone who doesn’t wear a mask.

Since January 24th when Dahua Technology sent the first batch of thermal imaging systems to Wuhan, where the epidemic was most severe, Dahua high accuracy body temperature measurement solution has been deployed in many parts of the world, such as many countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and Africa, performing as a silent guardian by providing technical support for epidemic management and control.

We hope to utilize our strength in security technology to make contributions to the prevention and control of a global pandemic, and to practice Dahua Technology’s company mission, “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”.
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