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How do you select the right video management system for security?

How do you select the right video management system for security?
Although video management systems (VMS) have gone beyond their primary purpose to integrate features that aid business operations, managing footage for security purposes is still their main goal. So, when selecting a video management system, the security features that the platform can provide would be more important to most customers.

But we are in a world where software algorithms are evolving faster than hardware. Most software vendors now use terms like AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning to market their products, despite many customers still not being fully aware of the applications of these technologies. So here we take a look at some of the main factors to consider when selecting a VMS.

Option to scale up and expand

You might be thinking of purchasing a video management system to meet your current requirements. But before going forward, carefully consider your future plans as well. In the future, would you want to expand your site to add a parking lot? If so, would you want to have an automatic license plate recognition system in place? Would you want to increase the quality of cameras to 4K at some point? Or add a cloud-storage option? These are all worth thinking about.

An open-architecture platform that can let you incorporate these kinds of requirements in the future could be something worth considering in this regard.

Consider video analytic features

Security personnel sitting in front of monitors to keep track of things is no longer a feasible option as camera numbers increase. The human mind has limitations when it comes to remaining fully alert for long durations. This is where analytics are required.

The software should be able to alert the personnel of any anomalies, like an intruder, a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction or in the wrong place, unwanted objects, or if a camera has been tampered with. Automated monitoring could drastically reduce the costs of manpower while improving efficiency.


There is no way to avoid thinking of cybersecurity threats anymore. Cameras and routers have been some of the most common targets for attacks on IoT devices in recent times. Encrypted communication systems are considered one of the best ways to counter cyberattacks, but in truth, this only solves half the problem. The VMS your purchase should be equipped with robust cybersecurity technologies and should have a vendor who consistently provides upgrades and patches when a vulnerability is discovered.

On a related note, you will also have to consider how you can protect the privacy of people whose videos you may capture. This is becoming more and more relevant as governments across the globe tighten privacy laws.

Mobile access

Your security officer cannot be at his desk all the time. He will need to address issues across the site, and this means he needs to have access to the video management system on his mobile phones or tablets. Hence the platform you choose should have both web as well as mobile support, with a real-time view of videos, camera control, incident review, and alert features available on both platforms.

Cloud compatibility

The number of cameras being installed, and the amount of footage captured is only going to increase as time goes by. Your storage requirements could increase forcing you to either set up more storage devices onsite or, more reasonably, use cloud storage. Even if your video retention policies change and you decide to keep footages for a longer duration, your storage requirements will change.  

Your VMS should allow you to manage the footage stored in the cloud with the same ease and flexibility that it would provide with locally stored videos.

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