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Oncam video technology secures Delhi-based Indian habitat center campus

Oncam video technology secures Delhi-based Indian habitat center campus
Security is paramount for this forward-thinking campus who is host to multiple established companies and high-level events.
The Indian Habitat Center serves as a new vision of a traditional office building, taking on a more urban design aesthetic that allows visitors and employees the ability to share services both inside and outside the building.

The Center for Science and Environment, the Delhi Urban Art Commission, the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, the National Institute of Design and the Energy and Resources Institute are just a few of the organizations that are housed within the Center.

The campus itself includes office spaces, concert venues, auditoriums, restaurants, a library and resource center, and art galleries, and is surrounded by shared, expansive outdoor spaces. The Center is a busy hub for those engaging in education research training and professional development, conferences and seminars, lectures, public debates, and exhibitions. As such, the campus requires a robust video surveillance solution to keep participants safe and secure and increase situational awareness around the facility's perimeter.
The Center is also host to a number of high-level events, making security paramount to the safety of speakers and attendees.
The security risk at such a reputed public place visited by a number of dignitaries is very high,” said Pankaj Aggarwal, IT Director for the Center. “Because of this, we needed a technology solution that provides coverage for a large area and works well with other platforms to build a comprehensive system to keep people and property safe.”

With the help of Vantage Security, the Center identified a number of areas where surveillance technology needed to be implemented to effectively monitor the movement both inside and outside of the perimeter wall. Oncam submitted a proof of concept for the company's 360-degree video technology and was chosen because of its full coverage and ability to capture and record video. The Center was also interested in a solution that allows operators to access live and recorded video for retrospective viewing.

Capture everything

“Oncam's technology gives us the ability to provide multiple clients different views from the same camera simultaneously, which increases the scope of how the surveillance system can be used,” Aggarwal said. “With Oncam's technology, we no longer have blind spots. The system allows us to monitor activities on the premises, as well as just outside the perimeter, which means we can stay informed of emerging threats in real-time.”

Oncam's Evolution 05 camera technology gives operators the ability to record high-resolution images of the entire fisheye view, independent of what an operator is doing. This means images can be processed during playback as if they were live images. During playback, images can also be dewarped and virtual cameras can be generated enabling the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom around the entire scene to various areas of interest. For example, officials for the Centre can zoom in on an emerging incident along with the campus' perimeter without disrupting the continuous view being captured of the entire area in real-time.

The benefits of 360-degree video technology include: a wider area of coverage with no blind spots; 100 percent coverage live and in retrospective viewing; the camera cannot be left looking in the “wrong” direction; no moving parts and no maintenance required; and completely silent operation.

As the use of the Center continues to grow, the ability for Oncam's 360-degree technology to capture the whole of its perimeter makes it easy for security officials to monitor the campus effectively. “We are now able to observe everything that's happening in every area, enabling us to anticipate and thwart events before they have the chance to occur while providing an appropriate level of response,” Aggarwal said.

One single 360-degree Oncam camera can replace between four and five narrow field-of-view cameras, reducing overall system cost. The Evolution 05 cameras work seamlessly with the video management system (VMS) from technology partner Milestone, which integrates fully to provide streamlined response in the event of an incident, instantaneous video playback and the ability to access live and stored video quickly and easily.

Integration between the technology offers the Center flexibility to modernize business processes, manage risk, protect people and assets, and reduce cost. Additionally, Aggarwal said Oncam's specialization in 360-degree technology tipped the scale in adding the company's products to the Center's preferred mix of technology partners. “The knowledge the Oncam team brings to the table to solve a customer's problems is highly appreciated and we look forward to a long-term relationship with the team,” he said.

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Surveillance Cameras
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