Phytrex technologies covers system integration and Apple HomeKit SDK

Phytrex technologies covers system integration and Apple HomeKit SDK
There are three major challenges in developing smart home products, including product interconnection, overcoming security concerns, and voice technology. If there is no industry agreement standard, it is difficult to implement the connection between different products. Moreover, the internet is very vulnerable to hacking, security becomes another challenge. Third, the technology of voice recognition is also yet to be overcome. These thresholds will emerge in the fast grown smart home devices market, making these technical issues more vital.

Phytrex has dedicated into the development of "Smart Dual Voice Control Solutions" since three years ago, and has already found the breakthrough point of the technological barriers in the fast-expanding smart home market. With Phytrex's advantage of Apple's MFi-certified Homekit SDK, it has developed a comprehensive solution to achieve product interoperability.

On the CES 2019, instead of displaying Apple certified module like before, Phytrex focused on demonstrating plug and monitoring products, such as smart socket and smart camera, mainly to show that in addition of Apple Homekit technology and the high-quality manufacturing capabilities, Phytrex's products have already been stably exporting to the European and American markets in the past two years. Based on the cornerstone that technology and production are advancing hand in hand, Sales Director Kelvin Wu is confident that Phytrex launches its own brand in the Asian market will be just around the corner. 

As this year's CES intelligent control display areas are mostly occupied by Amazon Alexa and Google Home, other exhibitors’ products which built under the system of these two speakers became Amazon and Google’s subcontractors. Countless companies try to raise reputation through Amazon or Google’s market share by connecting their products to Alexa or Google home, yet there are very few that can profit from it. With the increase of devices in every household, the importance of interconnection and interoperability also increases. In the stage of ecological integration, implementing product interoperability, security, or even developing a customized voice service will be the key to enter the future of smart home appliances.

Alexa's products rely on Amazon Echo's cloud and APP services, which is hard to show the differences in self-sales channels and product services. Phytrex’s biggest advantage is its ability to outline its product's structure and build solutions, as well as retaining the flexibility of revising the structure, including the technology combination of cloud services and natural language processing (NLP) to customize trigger word. It is a unique intelligence which cannot be replaced by any other speaker manufacturer.

Smart home devices that are embedded in Google Assistant are not only limited to Google's framework, if the communication security encounters a flaw, it could lead to hacker intrusion into home network, theft, leakage of personal info, or even residential safety, which again highlights the importance of electronic security. To prevent these threats, Phytrex uses VISA and UnionPay’s financial grade encryption and decryption technology in the software service, providing customers a new yet safer experience. 

The biggest advantage of Phytrex is they possess the MFi certified Homekit SDK that underwent a much more strict examination than Amazon and Google. Single system connection is the most common in the current market, but the integration of multiple systems is inevitable. Companies that are currently developing solutions for smart home devices are still tied to Amazon and Google’s structure, only Phytrex’s three-system solution has the ability to integrate Apple Homekit.

Numbers of manufacturers are currently using the SDK developed by Phytrex, including Smart Wall Switch, Smart Plug, Smart Speaker. Future opportunities to work with Phytrex will not be limited to Apple Homekit's SDK, but the long-term manufacturing capability with manufacturer partner and the embedding of Phytrex’s unique three-system control technology. Furthermore, breaking away from the past development under Alexa and Google’s structure, combining the advantages of software, firmware, and hardware, pioneering own brand, and creating more cooperation opportunities to create a win-win situation in the Asian market.

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