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What video-related products and solutions will feature at CES?

What video-related products and solutions will feature at CES?
Video solutions and applications will be a major component of CES 2019, demonstrating what they can do to meet the user’s security and non-security needs.
CES, to be held January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas, is expected to wow visitors with latest technologies from voice control to IoT. Meanwhile, video solutions and applications will also be a major component of the show, demonstrating what they can do to meet the user’s security and non-security needs. The following are some of the examples that will be featured at the show.

More and more, AI has been applied to cameras to make them more intelligent, and exhibits showcased at CES will display this trend., for example, will showcase its eyecloudCam which, according to the company’s press release, is equipped with AI and smart technologies powered by a 12-core Intel Movidius VPU. “Its unique combination of AI-on-edge, easy setup and wire-free operation for up to six months per charge made quite an impression on the Kickstarter community. As a result, eyecloudCam covered our budget by 1800 percent during the campaign,” the press release said.

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel will showcase its smart surveillance system consisted of motion sensors, an AI processing hub and smart cameras. According to its website, the company’s artificial intelligence detects people, animals, cars and other objects and interprets suspicious behavior in real-time. “You won't get interrupted over what turns out to be a dog or a squirrel in your yard. Its AI intelligently reduces the number of events, dismissing incidents like trees blowing in the wind or a neighbor driving by a user’s front yard. This enables real live, trained security guards to respond intelligently to real threats around a customer’s home,” the website reads. “If a suspicious activity is identified, our cameras light up with a strobing red ring, signaling video recording. The video feed is also simultaneously sent to our surveillance center, allowing them to make a split-second decision to intervene or not. Our surveillance center will intervene if necessary. Our cameras are equipped with speakers allowing two-way communication. Speakers at 104dB are the loudest on the market and are also used for setting off a siren.”


Thermal vision giant FLIR Systems will also make a presence in CES this year, showcasing advances in thermal technology and applications, chief among them government and defense, industrial, transportation and wildlife conservation. According to a case study by the company, Twenty Four Lions, a conservation project spearheaded by the Cabela Family Foundation and its conservation partners, carried out the largest move of lions across an international boundary in world history to restore their population in Mozambique’s Zambeze Delta. According to the case study, white light is a stress trigger for lions, and under sedation they need to be monitored at all times, especially at night. “The team at Twenty Four Lions turned to FLIR to safely monitor these cats, without using stressful white light. By using FLIR thermal imaging technology, the team was able to safely and successfully accomplish the most ambitious conservation effort of its kind,” it said.

Intel-SimCam conference

Besides the exhibition, CES will also hold various keynotes and conferences, a lot of which will be video-themed. One conference, for example, will discuss how the Movidius VPU turns a security camera into an advanced vision-based home sensor and why on-device AI is the next trend in smart home surveillance. The conference is sponsored by Intel partner SimCam, whose camera leverages deep learning to improve accuracy. “SimCam can distinguish a human body from various objects and backgrounds,” the company’s website reads. “SimCam can recognize the faces of family members or trusted ones. You can tell SimCam to notify you when someone you care shows up in the camera. 99.4% facial recognition accuracy is achieved.”

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