MicroVision to showcase projection technology with voice control at CES 2019

MicroVision to showcase projection technology with voice control at CES 2019
MicroVision, a Nasdaq-listed laser beam scanning technology company, announced it will showcase at CES 2019 a projection display technology that compliments smart speaker owners’ use experience.
The company says in a press statement that it will unveil “new products for artificial intelligence or AI-connected devices.”
Among them is Interactive Display Engine, which enables consumers to have “a more natural user experience” with smart speakers, the company says. MicroVision will do this by “adding sight, touch and gesture to existing voice interactions.”
CES attendees can witness various AI smart speaker use cases “with multi-point touch” and “mid-air gesture interactions,” MicroVision adds.
Interactive Display Engine is a solution that integrates hardware, software and machine learning at the edge. MicroVision says its compact engine is capable of projecting a 15-inch display on a wall or table. The display has high-definition, vivid and saturated colors with intense contrast ratio.
Last month MicroVision demonstrated how the new technology may be used. A video on the company’s website shows Amazon Alexa’s functionalities can be moved to the countertop. MicroVision projects a display which looks like the Echo Show’s screen on a kitchen countertop. The display gives visual information that accompanies Alexa’s verbal responses. As the user orders food with Alexa, the display shows what has been ordered in the shopping cart and recommend suggestions. The user may swipe and press buttons on the display as if it is a tablet screen.
The display has more functions suitable for kitchen use, like playing cooking instruction videos or turning into a timer screen when the user wants to put the chicken in the oven.
In addition, the display has functionalities not for the kitchen use. For example, it lets users order a car ride and play games like Friendly Feud.
The demonstrations at CES will show how MicroVision technology can be adapted “to a variety of applications with display, interaction, and sensing capabilities,” says the company.

Smart applications enabled via sensors

Another innovation that MicroVision will present at CES is Consumer LiDAR, a new class of compact, mid-range and smart depth sensors. It enables new offerings relating to home automation, security and navigation. The sensors will give “AI-enabled applications and services the ability to perceive environments accurately with low latency and high spatial resolution,” the company says.
At CES, MicroVision will demonstrate its use cases, like automatic management of smart home devices via identification of individuals and positioning information.

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