A first from Bosch

A first from Bosch
A significant breakthrough in the mid-range segment of the Bosch portfolio is the launch of the AUTODOME IP 5000i with starlight technology.

In addition to features offered by the AUTODOME IP 5000i, the latest AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i cameras provide color images in extremely low light environments (down to 0.018 lux) where other cameras switch to monochrome. Combined with an excellent high dynamic range of 120dB, AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i cameras offer the highest image quality in the entire mid-range portfolio of moving cameras.

With Essential Video Analytics as standard. This enables cameras to understand what they’re seeing and immediately alert you to any potential threats, and allows instant retrieval of footage from hours of stored video. When idle they can deliver relevant, usable statistics like the number of people going into a certain area, analyze behavior or assist in enforcing health and safety regulations (raising awareness of a blocked emergency exit, for example).

All AUTODOME IP 4000i and 5000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 video compression. Depending on the content of the scene, this reduces bitrate by up to 80 percent. It helps to keep video data manageable, while substantially reducing network strain and storage requirements, without compromising video quality. Like all Bosch network cameras the AUTODOME IP cameras offer various software and hardware measures, such as a built-in Trusted Platform Module, to keep video data secure.

AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i cameras are also available as IR and in-ceiling models.

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