Opro9 introduces rare HomeKit-compatible smart air purifier

Opro9 introduces rare HomeKit-compatible smart air purifier
Opro9, a Taiwan-based Apple accessory maker and smart home device manufacturer, has launched its Smart Air Purifier, one of the few products of such kind working with Apple HomeKit in the market.
The air purifier has a flat and cylindrical shape with a ring of light on the top. The light can function as a smart lighting device at home, as users can control the brightness or turn it on and off in the companion mobile app. Furthermore, the light indicates current air quality with five different colors - blue representing very good air quality while red as bad.
On the top of the device there is a touch panel allowing users to control the device directly, such as setting timer, fan speed and lighting. Of course, these features can also be accessed in the app. When air pollution (PM2.5) is detected in the room, the device will be automatically turned on to start working, to offer a better indoor environment for homeowners.
Since the device is HomeKit-compatible, all the control features in the mobile app will be available in Apple’s Home app or via voice assistant Siri.
Users can set a series of automation actions with Siri Shortcuts. For instance, when they are leaving the office and heading home, a “going home” voice command will trigger Apple Maps navigation on the smartphone, and the smart thermostat and the air purifier at home.

Users don’t need to change filters for Opro9’s Air Purifier. Instead, it has been designed in such way that the collected dirt can be cleaned using water. When the device changes the light color as a notification telling users that the filter is full, they just need to take out the filter, wash it by water and put it back to function.
The device works with Wi-Fi, consumes only 9.5 watts to operate and makes noise less than 50dB.

According to Apple’s official HomeKit website, there are only two air purifiers compatible with the platform - AIRBURG and Coway. Opro9’s device is joining the rare products.
In addition to the air purifier, Opro9 also has other smart home devices including smart aroma diffuser, smart power outlet, smart switches and smart light bulbs, which are all compatible with Apple HomeKit.

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