Xiaomi’s smart home products to enter U.S. market

Xiaomi’s smart home products to enter U.S. market
Chinese consumer electronics giant Xiaomi has announced plans to bring its smart home products to the U.S. market with Google Assistant support.

The first batch of smart products entering the U.S. are the Mi Bedside Lamp, the Mi Smart LED Bulb and the Mi Smart Plug.

U.S. homeowners can control their Xiaomi devices via the Google Home speaker or the Google Assistant smartphone app. Xiaomi said that the Bedside Lamp will be available in May, while the other two products will arrive soon.

In the Chinese market, Xiaomi has launched smart products including vacuum robots, air purifiers, routers, and smart cameras. Some of its smart home devices are also available in India.

These products are expected to enter the U.S. market in the future as well, since the company said the three products are the “initial selection.”

Xiaomi didn’t provide details on the retail prices of its home products in the U.S. Although known for its low-price smartphones with good quality, Xiaomi never launched products in the U.S. Smart home products will be its first offering in the market.

The U.S. market has high levels of awareness and acceptance of the smart home concept. Since the prices of Xiaomi products are usually more competitive than those of its competitors, it’d be interesting to see how U.S. homeowners adopt Xiaomi smart home hardware devices.

Moreover, the Google Assistant support for Xiaomi home devices my benefit the U.S. smart home market, where voice control is widely considered as a must-have.
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