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Smart home technologies help hotels and rentals being smarter

Smart home technologies help hotels and rentals being smarter
For hotels, rental housing, or shared homes, smart home solution has been an emerging implementation as the busy homeowners and managers need a seamless and effective way to keep a full control of their properties.
For hotels, rental housing, or shared homes, smart home solution has been an emerging implementation as the busy homeowners and managers need a seamless and effective way to keep a full control of their properties. In the following examples, you can find remote property management system has created added values for owners and renters with considerate service, and smart lock solutions have greatly helped managing hotels and rental houses.

Vivint Smart Properties ensures fluent managements of rental houses

Since June this year, Vivint Smart Home has started to further integrate its comprehensive smart home systems and products into rental properties across US and Canada to enhance remote management.

Under the Vivint Smart Properties program, property managers have options of a suite of professionally installed smart home products, including smart locks, doorbell cameras, indoor cameras, and thermostats. For every different cases, Vivint experts consult the developer, builder, or managers to identify their needs and customize the most suitable smart home packages with them. Property managers can manage through Vivint Site Manager, an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, to deal with tenant service requests and vacant units from anywhere, enjoying the award-winning 24/7 systems support.

Harrison Jenkins, Sr. Director of
Product Management, Vivint
Smart Home
From the frontdoor, Vivint smart locks eliminates the time for exchanging keys in person by automatically providing keyless access codes, homeowners can see their guests enter the home with the doorbell camera. Also, with the motion sensors and smart thermostat in home, the guests can stay comfortable without boosting electricity bill. Placing tenant’s privacy at first place, the property managers or owners only have remote access to the full smart home system while the property is unoccupied.

“Vivint Smart Properties provides property managers a way to quickly connect their renters to a home’s smart technology. And it also makes the transfer of properties to the next renter much more efficient,” explained Harrison Jenkins, Sr. Director of Product Management, Vivint Smart Home. “Another advantage is the ability to remotely manage individual vacant units. Owners can even manage the smart home technology when Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t available after a renter has moved out.”

With abundant experience of installing smart home technologies into rental houses, Vivint Smart Properties has received many positive reviews from its users. “Renters get a lot more value out of rental properties because they’re in apartments with the latest smart home technology. For property managers, this added value creates opportunity for higher profitability,” concluded Jenkins.  

Hoomvip and TESA ASSA ABLOY together offer 24-hour check-in for rentals

Spanish app-based rental management service provider Hoomvip offers tourist 24h free access to rental apartments, enables improved security, experiences and services in destination, and optimizes communication for both homeowners and renters.

Hoomvip’s in-app access control is provided cooperatively with the ENTR smart door lock of TESA ASSA ABLOY. Owners can monitor property status at any moment, in real time, and allow 24h access to their guests to the portal of the tourist apartment remotely. ENTR’s dual motorized cylinder design enables owners and guests to open up with either a key or via Bluetooth. With ENTR and Hoomvip, landlords no longer need to worry about key management. Simply send a digital key via the Hoomvip app or SMS instead of a physical key handover during check-in or check-out, saving time and money on transport.

And for guests, the Hoomvip app contains easily accessible accommodation and destination information. It also enables easy 2-way communication between guest and owner, including for post-stay evaluation. The app selects the best experiences and services in the city, with special offers for guests updated daily. Owners, can also earn money by offering their guests travel plans and services during their stay.

igloohome locks welcome continuous guests for busy homeowners

Rental housing access solution provider igloohome has its lock products designed with homeowners and property managers in mind. The igloohome team completely understands the inconvenience of rental hosts who spend a lot of time, effort and money on passing the keys to their guests.

Anthony Chow,
CEO and Co-founder
of igloohome
"Just in Asia Pacific, there are already 300 million travelers visiting this area annually, and there are 100 million units of secondary residences,” said Anthony Chow, CEO and Co-founder of igloohome, “Handing-over keys is especially inconvenient when there are flight delays or flights arriving in weekdays. Our products help rental hosts grant access remotely whenever they want, thus helping to manage this problem of key exchange.”

igloohome door locks uses time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth, making keys granting time-sensitive, suitable for rental housing owners as the locks keep the property safe after the guest leaves, providing greater peace of mind to both the hosts and guests by ensuring the properties are safe after the guest leaves. “The rental turnover of guests is very high, and it is crucial to make sure there is no overlap of access with different guests. igloohome products’ abilities to work offline is of great importance to many rental hosts, as Wi-Fi in some rental housing may be intermittent,” said Chow.

igloohome has major customers and partners in Asia Pacific and the USA, including Airbnb and HomeAway. The Airbnb Connect is a customized service provided purely for Airbnb hosts. It automates the generation of PIN codes for guests, only for the duration of their stay, and sends it to them. On the other hand, Airbnb also recommends igloohome by listing the company as a suggested tools under “Host Assist”, a section where Airbnb hosts can find the products/services that Airbnb supports.

Chow also mentioned that dashboard monitoring are available for igloohome’s B2B customers, making it easy for property managers or other hospitality players to monitor and manage multiple locks across multiple properties.

Nestech NFC hotel locks are monitored as easy as a click

Taiwan-based Nestech Corporation is an ICT provider who specializes in integrated systems for keyless door locks and access control, with various types of NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi access control solutions that meet different home and hotel requirements. Its keyless solution has been widely applied in Indonesia, Thailand, Honduras and Chile, and has potential clients in Australia, Japan, and UAE.

With Nestech’s NFC-based smart access control hospitality system, the hotel managers or Airbnb hosts could manage their properties remotely without internet connection. The system can be further engaged into Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or any wireless connection to have advanced extension applications. Its compatible app DSS HOTEL System 2.0 is a flexible in-pocket front-desk management system for hotel managers/hosts to issue passcards or generate access codes on their NFC-enabled mobile devices, enabling guests to get access into hotel or house without wireless connection.

“Our users don’t need to worry about wireless disconnection, unstable line, or hacker breakthrough issue. The clients can simply get access with NFC function, and takes the hotel staffs or hosts only a second to generate passwords in app,” explained Kristy Yeh, Marketing Manager of Nestech Corporation.

Yeh also added that Nestech’s hotel systems can be combined with handy information such as dinning reservation, local cuisine finder, and customized services on users’ fingertips. “We want to create a VIP experience for travelers not only staying in the hotel with royal service, but have unforgettable fun to explore the beauty of their destination with enjoyable information.”

Kaba Saflok Quantum locks manage security in multiple hotels

Many famous luxury hotels, including The Langham Chicago, Village Hotels in Glasgow, and Ritz-Carlton Hotel ICC tower in Hong Kong, chose Kaba’s access solution for their hotel rooms, ensuring convenience and security for all guests under complicated visitor traffics.

With over 150 years of experience, more than 9,000 associates worldwide, and 450 registered patents in 60 countries, Dormakaba group provides comprehensive access solutions and security controls to hotels, shops, sports facilities, airports, hospitals, at home or in the office.

Kaba’s subsidiary Saflok Quantum lock series is a popular choice among large-scale hotels. For these hotels, customers’ safety and comfort are placed in top priority, and the Quantum Series locks reach both security and connected convenience. It has an award-winning two-piece modular design with either magnetic stripe or RFID card reader. All locks in this series are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible, and can be operated through the Dormakaba mobile access solutions. Also combined with Saflok Messenger LENS wireless online system, the locks communicate with in-room smart devices via the hotel network to automate lights, temperature, blinds and TV based on the guest’s personal preferences.

Hotel authorities can also remotely manage all security issues. They are well notified with tamper-intention, ajar doors, or low-battery situations. For emergency incidents, the lock series allows alternative accesses like emergency key, mechanical key (QuantumII) and electronic override, providing all users peace of mind.

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