‘Beyond locking the door, we provide benefit for home experience:’ Danalock

‘Beyond locking the door, we provide benefit for home experience:’ Danalock
With ten years of experience in connected home automation from Poly Lock to the various Danalocks in the market nowadays, Danalock has been focusing 100% on wireless smart locks since 2011, and aiming to bring its users the most flexibly-compatible door lock with unlimited service going possible in the future.

“Based in Europe, we had to invent something wireless at that time because we want to enable our devices in existing residential buildings rather than only newly-built houses,” explained Hans Overgaard, Co-founder of Danalock, about the original concept of Danalock. “We want to fill out the missing part of a smart home for all the homeowners with advanced technology and up-to-date convenience.”
Hans Overgaard, Co-founder of

Having BLE as a default protocol in the products, Danalock has made all of its products capable for add-on wireless protocols like Z-Wave, Zigbee, and a lot more proprietary radios, showing the determination to create the flexible ecosystem from the first step of front door. “Certainly we want to be the top choice when it comes to integrated smart lock,” said Overgaard, “We have always been working on our software architecture to ensure the highest interoperability and integration with any client, both on the software and hardware stages.”

Danalock has opened up multiple market opportunities with such software flexibility, including the newly announced cooperation with Alarm.com security platform.

As part of an Alarm.com smart home security system, subscribers can remotely and securely manage access to their property and provide unattended access for multiple home services such as in-home deliveries, pet sitters, cleaning services, and more. Users will get instant notifications whenever the lock status has changed, or proactive reminders based on the owner’s location.

“We have seen a great demand in smart locks in general, and the trusted partnership enables Danalock to wherever Alarm.com services are. Through the partnership, Danalock establishes closer and broader relationship with end-users; and for service providers like Alarm.com security platform, we have unlocked more possible in-home services for their subscribers, therefore guaranteeing complete functions of smart homes,” commented Overgaard.

According to Overgaard, the improvement of smart home isn’t just smartening devices itself but exactly bringing benefit to enhance users’ home experience. With expectations to expand services for Danalock users, the company is working with logistics companies in Europe and targeting cooperation with more service providers, telcos, as well as utility companies. The aims are to enable users with whatever service they prefer to include, and the availability of Danalock usage with any service provider they select.

“As Amazon Key project draws great attention of the public, we believe smart lock itself will be a big driver for convenient home experience and whole home automation, starting countless business cases worldwide,” shared Overgaard, “It is exciting to be part of this transition of time that changes how we live our daily lives. Danalock will keep on to optimize our devices, making them future-proved and flexible.”

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