Danalock V3 integrated into Alarm.com platform for global markets

Danalock V3 integrated into Alarm.com platform for global markets
Smart lock expert Danalock has announced its Danalock V3 to be fully integrated into the Alarm.com interactive security platform, extending its ecosystem of connected devices for global customers. Danalock is a retrofit door lock that supports the “profile cylinder” lock – the predominant form factor used by 70% of the total global market – assuring international service providers that the Danalock V3 can fit all of their customers’ doors.

As part of an Alarm.com smart home security system, subscribers can see the status of door locks and control them remotely with Alarm.com’s app. Consequently, subscribers can securely manage access to their property and provide unattended access for in-home deliveries, pet sitters, cleaning services, and the like. Alarm.com can instantly notify the property owner when a door is opened and send proactive reminders based on the owner’s location to let them know if they have forgotten to lock their door.

“We are committed to providing the best security and automation solutions possible and are pleased to add Danalock’s high-quality retrofit door lock to our global offering,” said Reed Grothe, Alarm.com’s Senior Vice President of Global Business Development. “Danalock’s retrofit smart lock with Z-Wave compatibility offers a global fit that will help us address the growing consumer demand for smart home technology in multiple international markets.”

“Danalock is the only global retrofit lock to have met the high standards of Alarm.com’s ecosystem,” said Henning Overgaard, Co-founder of Danalock smart lock. “The Danalock V3 is the smartest, smallest, and strongest lock on the market. Our smart lock opens up additional market potential for Alarm.com to reach customers around the world, while also creating value-add opportunities for service providers who wish to use the door lock as an ‘enabler’ to offer a host of new services in smart homes and buildings.”

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