Rently Keyless opens the gate to smart home management

Rently Keyless opens the gate to smart home management
Since 2011, Rently has provided access solutions to property managers and renters across the United States. Rently introduced the groundbreaking idea of “self-showing”, a technology which allows renters to instantly view a vacant property without the presence of a leasing agent. Self-showing not only streamlines the leasing process for both managers and renters, but also reduces the time on market for vacant properties.

Rently Keyless, a division of Rently, is a smart home solution provider that links a state of the art SaaS smart-home platform with existing property management software to instantly market and lease a property. Servicing enterprise-class clients, Rently lets users remotely control locks, thermostats and a multitude of other smart home devices from anywhere. A property listed using Rently Keyless can market on multiple listing sites, pre-qualify tenants and even automate the rental application process. Once a property is leased, managers can instantly pass smart home technology to renters via an easy-to-use app invite. Rently Keyless helps manage the entire leasing process for property managers, from lead to lease.

In addition, Rently Keyless has also announced the Rently Keyless Business Partnership program. Rently Keyless is actively seeking installers, integrators and partners who want to benefit from an RMR business model, who can represent Rently Keyless in key markets across the United States.
Andre Jordan Sanchez, Division
Manager of Rently Keyless

Continuous smart home integration brings more value

Andre Jordan Sanchez, Division Manager of Rently Keyless, considers smart home technology a value-added service for property managers and renters across the globe.

“We have property managers who have incorporated Rently Keyless and see immediate benefits and profitability,” said Sanchez. First of all, by installing keyless entry locks, property management companies can streamline leasing and significantly cut operational costs. Additionally, studies have shown that residents prefer moving into a rental property that is “smart home ready.” Managers who implement smart home technology will not only streamline operations and differentiate inventory, but also capture additional rental revenue.

“We are looking forward to the future of smart home technology and the benefits it presents to property management,” said Sanchez, “The reception from clients using our technology has been phenomenal! We are very excited about our continuing partnerships with companies like Amazon, HomeAway, Zillow and Yale Residential.”

Sanchez further pointed out that Rently will continue providing smart home technology to property managers who work in single-family, multi-family and vacation rental properties. They are also looking for new ways to add value to smart home system. “Our new V3 Hub utilizes 4G Cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet to connect to our cloud software for maximum uptime. Additionally, our integration with Amazon Alexa allows managers to provide voice control to tenants so renters can easily control thermostats, lighting and more,” explained Sanchez.

Rently is continually building relationships with property managers across the U.S. to seek out key products that address institutional pain points. “Energy monitoring, cameras and enhanced integration with property management software are just a few of the things we are working on.”

Enterprise-level smart home technology

To sum it up, whether users desire increased security, reduced operating costs, or additional rental revenue, Rently Keyless has a portfolio of tailored solutions with the following features.

Total Home Automation: Streamline property access with keyless entry locks, reduces utility bills with smart thermostats, and enhances security with sensors
Tri-Band Hub: Seamlessly connects to cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Cloud Based Software: Easily manage entire portfolio of properties from one online platform
Convenience: All devices are pre-paired to the Rently Keyless hub and go through rigorous quality assurance
Trusted Technology: Evidenced by Millions of registered renters and thousands of property managers in the United States
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