Orbweb tackles the connectivity challenge in Internet of Things

Orbweb tackles the connectivity challenge in Internet of Things
The challenge facing the Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect two or more devices that are behind firewalls or NATs (Network Address Translation). This poses a challenge for the emerging IoT industry because devices need to be able to communicate securely and unhindered for the IoT industry to take off. How do we overcome this connectivity problem?
One solution is NAT transversal: an end-to-end connectivity solution for any number of devices that is secure and easy to use. This is accomplished through the use of established NAT transversal techniques and algorithms which enable devices to “punch” a hole through networks to reach the peer they wish to communicate with, thus creating a communication link. This technique enables a 99.99% connectivity rate, while enabling high speed bi-directional data transfer between peers.
We introduce Orbweb M2M, the platform which makes machine-to-machine (M2M) connection possible among networked devices. It is built with Orbweb's proprietary technology and guarantees connectivity for various applications, including those related to the IoT. Whatever the network environment, Orbweb will find a way to connect devices together.


  • Highly optimized embedded software with SSLv3: ~ 600KB in flash, ~ 2MB RAM.
  • Ability to seamlessly and securely connect to devices regardless of their location
  • Support both WAN and LAN environments (Internet or local)
  • Support full browser access
  • Secure, transparent tunneling of data between client applications and devices
  • Support TCP tunneling to maximize throughput rate (up to 90% of available bandwidth)
  • Support running as a client or a host, and data flow is bi-directional.
  • IoT Applications

  • Hassle-free remote access and management of IoT devices provide immediate benefits
  • Turn on the lighting before arriving at home.
  • Adjust home thermostat when away to maximize energy saving
  • Remote control of food and water dispenser for pets when away
  • Remote view of what is happening at home or in the office
  • Remote access to PC or network storage device
  • Remote access to car dashcam for peace of mind
The OrbwebM2M’s framework abstracts all the little complexities, providing a hassle-free user experience. Real-time direct communications can be established between your clients and IoT devices without the need for users to change network settings similar to WhatsApp and Skype. The platform supports direct M2M connectivity through NAT traversal and if a peer’s firewall does not allow this, a transparent relay (TURN) is used to create the connection.

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