6 notable smart home cloud platform solutions to consider

6 notable smart home cloud platform solutions to consider
Everyone is talking about cloud solutions today, but not everyone means the same thing when they do, such as the types of services that meet their requirements. While there is this general idea behind the cloud, there are many iterations that companies look to in order to actually use the technology. Cloud platforms offer a variety of ways for businesses to increase their IT capacity or functionality without having to add infrastructure, personnel, and software.
Here are six different types of cloud services and a little bit about what they offer to businesses.

Cosesy Cloud

A/S Cosesy is a company that has been specialized in IoT Cloud technology for home security systems since 2010. Its IP-based solution has brought home security to a new level, offering 24/7 surveillance on Internet-connected hardware, a feat that out-competes the more traditional GSM solutions. Using IoT P2P technology for all encrypted connections, the Cosesy Cloud is low-cost, scalable, and handles high volume simultaneous alarm systems.

IntelliVision Cloud video analytics

IntelliVision is a leading software and solutions B2B company in the intelligent video analytics, smart camera, and automated monitoring market, where it provides solutions for security, surveillance, traffic/transportation, automotive, robotics, drones, smart home/IoT, mobile, and retail analytics solutions. IntelliVision's analytics add the “Brains behind the Eyes” for cameras by analyzing the video content, extracting meta-data, sending out real-time alerts, and providing intelligence on the video. With its advances in smart camera, PC/server, and Cloud analytics technologies, its solutions are being deployed in cameras for the Smart Home, Smart Business, Smart Machine, Smart Transit, Smart Retail, and in many applications.

Ayla Cloud Platform

Ayla Networks, from its inception, was to enable the Internet of Things. Dedicated to solving the idiosyncrasies of developing and managing connected devices, Ayla provides a number of products that enable customers to quickly connect any device to the cloud and applications, and make meaningful decisions from their data. Ayla's Agile IoT Platform, Agile Mobile Application Platform, and Ayla Insights, provides device manufacturers with the connectivity, security, and feedback loop needed to create better products and more engaging user experiences.

TriClouds solution

TriClouds Technology is a leading provider of IP Surveillance solutions, offering a wide range of services from residential to business. It provides telecom operators and large retailers with a complete cloud platform to enable IoT solutions, including data and video, end-to-end. Its cloud solution delivers an end-to-end platform that runs across devices, clouds and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics and feature-rich customer experience.

Kalay Platform

The Kalay Platform delivers end-to-end solutions to meet fast-developing and changing IoT environment. With a strong focus on the technology builds for intelligent relationships and communication between devices, the Kalay Platform structure can easily integrate and expand your family of devices. It empowers IoT consumer devices like no one else, enabling solution providers and technology brands to combine product offerings with cloud services.

GoToMyThings (GTMT)

Following the successes of its Orbweb.me, the company recently launched an IFTTT-like IoT platform called GoToMyThings (GTMT), designed as a service portal for users to manage, monitor and sync their connected devices. The platform now supports smart home devices such as IP cameras, switches, lighting, smart doorbells, gateways, sensors, thermostats, vehicles, and more by various partners of different brands. This platform is designed to enable cross-device communication where all of the connected devices are interoperable.

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