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Ukrainian Startup Ajax Systems Enters the Home Security Scene with a Positive Bang

Ukrainian Startup Ajax Systems Enters the Home Security Scene with a Positive Bang
The Internet of Things has made it easier than ever to monitor your home from just about anywhere with a smart security system. Smart security systems are highly customizable and are available as do-it-yourself kits or as full-blown setups that require professional installation.
Security-device startup Ajax Systems has seen it all, from connected light bulbs to smart fridges and coffee machines, the IoT phenomenon is about to change our lives in ways that weren’t imaginable a few years back. But in tandem with becoming smarter, our homes are also becoming less secure, as more and more devices are being added to our hyper-connected world every year.

Besides the launch of its new generation of wireless security systems last year, a central hub with an element of the smart home was released earlier in May. Designed and developed by Ajax, the hub controls slews of detectors within the ecosystem – ranging from smoke detectors and wall switches to outdoor wireless sirens and different types of motion detectors.

Our ambition is to create a security system which will be loved by end users and respected by professionals “ due to its bulletproof reliability based on professional features and sabotage proof solutions,” Ajax Chief Marketing Officer Valentyn Hrytsenko told SMAhome.
Valentyn Hrytsenko,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Ajax Systems
But like many of the professional hubs available today, some may not necessarily look that aesthetically pleasing – meaning they do not “blend in” well with your home décor. Hence perceiving such need, Ajax has since taken product design as part of their development priority in order to help their products resonate with users.

“We want to move professional security systems in the user’s minds from the ‘some big ugly white box on the wall’ to an ergonomically beautiful gadget,” Hrytsenko explained.

Jeweller - The secured wireless approach

While hundreds and thousands of vulnerable devices have already been installed in homes, with hundreds more entering the fray every day, security is becoming more critical than ever. Remote hacks and security breaches are certainly issues not to be overlooked.

According to Hrytsenko, Jeweller is a wireless radio communication technology that was invented from scratch and designed to be as reliable as a wired connection. The signal is protected using “rolling code” encryption and authentication. Moreover, if it is jammed, Ajax will change the frequency and notify the user of via app. Even in cases of a network failure, the system will keep users updated using its “DeliverAnyway” algorithm.

Commenting on why Ajax chose to create its own protocol and not opt for any of the existing standards currently available, the marketing executive responded that the dubious reliability resulting from loose connection between detectors and alarm panel – not least the requirement for constant battery replacement – often lead hackers to tamper with facility problems.

“This is one of the reasons why we established our own wireless radio frequency protocol to create a reliable connection as wires do. The ‘Jeweller’ protocol enables us to have our devices working up to 2,000 meters from the ‘Hub’ and also uses pings from 12 seconds to monitor the complete system. Due to its high energy efficiency – the batteries in the detectors can last up to seven years. Also we use ContactID protocol for monitoring station connectivity,” he reiterated.

Channeling growth

“Currently we’re developing our security product distribution base with the focus on professional segment. Nevertheless we have some experience with retail channels on our local market — that enables us to be on the same page as end users. In the future we intend to supply the retail outlets internationally with the special edition of the products.”

The company currently targets both European and Southeast Asian markets, where it is building a go-to-market strategy in partnership with national distributors. “We are also willing to expand our presence in North America and Australia with the 915MHz frequency version next year,” he said.

“We’ve sold tens of thousands detectors since 2015.”

Beginning May this year, it began shelling out its own Ajax Hub, the brain of its security system with smart functionality. According to Hrytsenko, the company has already sold more than 1,000 hubs since then. Moreover, the Starter Kit offered by Ajax, which consists of motion detector, door opening detector, key fob and a hub, has proven to be widely popular amongst home security adopters thanks to its super reliable, elegant and easy-to-install features.

“We plan to design and manufacture another 25 new devices over the next two years that will make a total of 40 wireless devices that will cover 99.9 percent of your security/smart home requirements. Video surveillance support, integrations with Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit systems, smart lighting will also be available soon,” he concluded.

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