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High security portals become vital to building access

High security portals become vital to building access
The security portals nowadays are equipped with variable sensors and computer control system to ensure safety.
The security portals nowadays are equipped with variable sensors and computer control system to ensure safety. When security needs to be elevated, some portals can be altered to a different mode in order to prevent an unauthorized person entering the building. The solutions provided include tailgating detection, ultrasonic tailgating detection, piggybacking detection, fingerprint acquisition or other biometric solutions. These portals with high levels of security are not only stylish but practical for seamless integration for buildings, such as with burglary resistant safety glass and automatic revolving doors, especially for wheelchair users and baby carriers who may have difficulty opening a heavy door.

Boon Edam Tourlock 180 High Security Revolving Door

Some buildings and entries can only be accessible to authorized users; any possible unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. In these instances the Boon Edam Tourlock high security revolving door offers the perfect solution. The Tourlock is a revolving door where the rotation can only be started after an authorization signal from an access control system such as a card reader or biometrics reader. Depending on what your requirements are, the high security Tourlock can be integrated with a variety of different security systems that accurately detect any form of piggybacking or tailgating.

Key Features

  • Contact mats detect the presence of a user in a segment of the door
  • An approved class 3 burglary resistance package is available
  • StereoVision: integrated into the ceiling of the Tourlock this time of flight camera system creates extremely accurate 3D images of the person in the door
  • Weight system: scales integrated into the floor of the Tourlock compare the weight of the user and his luggage to a pre-set weight
  • A sensorsystem can offer a low level of security by ensuring no attempts are made to manually turn the door and thus gain access

CoMETA Revolving Security Portals

CoMETA door system controls the single authorized passage in each turnstile partition. At the same time, the door sensors guarantee tailgating and piggybacking detection, blocking theunauthorized persons and any kind of multiple accesses in the same turnstile partition. It is an access control gate solution for companies, meeting centers, museums, airports, hotels, train stations, etc., and also for areas with restricted/conditioned access, thanks to integration with badge/RFID readers, fingerprint acquisition and face detection systems or any other biometric solution. Besides, these revolving security portals are one of the most harmonious access control solution among anti-burglary cabins with high grade of security.

Key Features 

  • Anti-burglary frame with bulletproof glass 
  • Metal detector solution available
  • Particularly suitable for prestigious places and areas with high flow of people, where access control is mandatory 
  • Self-managed portal with single passage checking system (tailgating and piggybacking detection systems) 
  • Designed with removable structure to be installed on site, directly on the existing floor

CoMETA Interlocking Security Portals

A wide range of CoMETA's self-managed portals with high security levels equipped with interlocking doors system, metal detector and single passage checking system. At the same time, the main board interacts with access control systems, sensors, metal detector and weighing systems to manage the user’s passage, providing pre-recorded voice messages, firearms detection, abandoned object detection, anti-hostage and anti-piggybacking systems, thus blocking the access to unauthorized people. The portals are ideal to protect areas with restricted/conditioned access, thanks to the integration with badge/RFID readers, fingerprint acquisition and face detection systems or any other biometric solution.

Key Features 

• Built-in safety (accident prevention) systems like integrated torque control in motion and pneumatic coasts with flow detector 
• 40/10 steel pressure bent sheet structure
• Anti-burglary barrier for places like factories, industries, datacenters, warehouses, embassies, military sites, post offices, banks or government buildings where access control (differentiated access based on users' profile) is mandatory. 
• Fingerprint control system

record R 62 Security Interlock

The record R 62 provides pedestrian traffic separation with a range of security levels. The interplay between cutting-edge technology and proven engineering techniques enables safe, secure access control for vulnerable and specially protected areas such as can be found in banks, airports and other sensitive applications. The record R 62 is basically modular in design with customizable security levels. It can be used as a pure interlock, but also provides the ability to control access with the highest reliability via contact mats or a 3D camera. These measures prevent so-called tailgating and piggybacking.

Key Features 

• Anti-tailgating and anti-piggybacking monitoring 
• Fully integrated components; no external panels required 
• Installation requires only minor structural work
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications 
• Wheelchair versions available

Frost Alluser C5 Security Portal

The Frost Alluser C5 security portal is the optimal solution for a secure portal required in limited space. The portal combines two of the most important elements, access control and the safety of a built-in emergency exit. The emergency exit incorporated in the structure of the portal is an industry innovation: should the emergency door be activated, the portal’s glass door wing retracts, creating a large escape passage. The portal can also be overridden with security clearance to allow furniture through the large passage. The secure access portal is built to stop criminals, absorb blows, and reject bullets without sacrificed aesthetic design.

Key Features 

• A solution for those who need a secure portal in very small places (i.e., the corridors) 
• Control of the access and the emergency exit 
• The portal fits perfectly with advanced biometric technologies
• Contains an emergency no panic shackle door 
• Emergency exit incorporated in the structure of the portal

Ezi C190 Security Portal

The C190 is Ezi’s largest portal with a 1,200 mm opening and is specifically designed to replace revolving doors for busy areas with a high throughput requirement and an out of hours high security requirement. The portal can either be used as a prestigious entrance way allowing the transit of multiple people at the same time or, after hours, when security needs to be elevated it can be transformed it to a high security interlocking door to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry attempts. Optional control features include an intercom inside the portal and a local service mode key to allow for override of the portals, on, off and cleaning modes.

Key Features 

• Ultrasonic tailgate detection 
• P1A burglary resistant with 11 mm toughed safety glass 
• FB4 Certified metal structure (roof in accordance with FB2) 
• Fire alarm integration — both doors open in emergency 
• Internal and external emergency mechanical unlocking devices

Meesons C190 Cylindrical Security Portal

The C190 Cylindrical Security Portal is Meeson’s largest portal and is specifically designed for busy areas with high throughput replacing the need for a revolving door. The security portal can either be used as a high security interlocking door to prevent tailgating or as a prestigious entrance way allowing the transit of multiple people at the same time increasing throughput and allowing for quicker transit times, at the push of a button.


Key Features 

• Interlock or simultaneous transit configuration
• Sliding doors can be operated by radar sensors
• Configurable transits modes (e.g., day/night mode) 
• Wide 1,200 mm entrance access 
• Customizable security levels up to Attack Resistant Class 3 and 4

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