New DW Spectrum IPVMS v3.2 is now available

New DW Spectrum IPVMS v3.2 is now available
DW, the provider in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, introduces the latest version of DW Spectrum IP video management (v3.2). This release provides a revamped contextual help menu, archive and export improvements and support for analytical cameras. 

“We are excited to expand the open architecture DW Spectrum is built on, to dynamically query all of the analytics an integrated camera supports and display as an option right in DW Spectrum” says Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Video Solutions Director of IP. “This update continues to broaden the possibilities of interoperability within the rules engine of DW Spectrum.”

New features include: 
  • In-camera analytics support - Users can now use in-camera analytics events when creating rules in the rules engine for DW, Axis and Hikvision cameras. 
  • Enhanced export - Completely redesigned video export interface with the ability to burn in watermark logos during the export process. 
  • Custom camera logical ID - Users can assign a custom logical ID in the camera settings dialog to create an alias for the camera ID in server API calls. 
  • Archive integrity check - Users will receive a notification when viewing any archive which has been modified manually (files moved or deleted in storage archive). 
  • Export bookmarks from timeline - a button has been added to allow users to export bookmarks directly from the timeline. 
  • Contextual help - A fully revamped version of the help manual. 
  • Bitrate throttling - Added the ability to change image resolution and adjust bitrate (fine tuning) for Axis, Acti, Hikvision, and ONVIF devices.

The DW Spectrum IPVMS is accessed with the freely distributed DW Spectrum client software (Windows/Linux/Mac), the DW Spectrum IPVMS can be accessed with the web client from all leading web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera), as well as the free DW Spectrum mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The VMS software is included with pre-configured DW Blackjack NVR servers or it can be installed on third-party Windows or Ubuntu Linux-based systems.

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